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Saturday, March 16, 2024


 Friday, March 16, 2018

DOI - Correct "Public" to "Federal" Lands!

Dear Secretary of DOI, Ryan Zinke,
BLM Acting Deputy Director (Operations) Michael D. Nedd, Deputy Director (Policy) Brian Steed and Acting Chief of Staff Peter Mali, 

In looking your website,  it was so noted that BLM must make the following corrections.  

1) Correct "public" to read "federal." 1976 FLPMA confirmed there are no remaining open (public) lands for settlement. 
2) Correct "wild" horses to read "feral." There are NO "wild" horses in America. 

3) Range Allotment Owners and otherwise property owners on Federal Land would greatly appreciate educational signage that would include language along the line of the following. You may want to consult with Dr. Angus McIntosh, as he's one of few individuals in the United States who knows statutes and policies inside out. 

You are now entering Federal Land. Please be respectful of Property Owners. 
On this land they own livestock, forage, easements, improvements and beneficial use of water. 
Do NOT take any water or forage samples or cause damage to any livestock, improvements etc.
Presently, the public is led to believe they own these lands, and therefore unwittingly cause harm to property owners. 
You can stop harmful actions, by providing the public with accurate information. 
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester 

Here's a great example as to why DOI must make the corrections!

URGENT: America's heritage is at risk! Tell to defend our public lands and .

Monday, March 4, 2024



Takings without Just Compensation

A book titled White Rural Rage by Paul Waldman & Tom Schaller is just another full armor attack against our Fuel and Food Providers (FFP), aka "Rural." Why? Rural folks have the Land and Water evil entities want. All wars are fought over Land and Water. Borrowers from such as China and Federal Reserve use all kinds of weapons including wolves, 's climate, illegals invasion, water theft, conservation easements and monument designations to seize rural Private Property on both deeded and Federal Land. Why? To provide unencumbered collateral for their loans. If, for example, any FFP hater - like , , , , , , or , had to take equal the time off as do FFP to defend their property from Takings without Just Compensation, they wouldn't have time to politic, entertain, write books, dehumanize FFP and you-get-the-gist.


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