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Thursday, February 27, 2020


                               Always ask the feds to ‘show me the statute’ and don’t forget,                                                             everything they do is subject to your prior existing rights.” Dr. Angus McIntosh

By Roni Bell
Dr. Angus McIntosh tells us to "Always ask the feds to 'show me the statute' and don't forget, everything they do is subject to your 'prior existing rights."'
Remember: All wars are over one entity's march to seize another entity's property. Private sector and government employees have weaponized ways to seize YOUR property; your "prior existing rights."
Dr. Angus McIntosh reminds us, "If the government could take your property legally, they would have done so long ago." They can't. That's why they deploy some of the following weapons to steal your property.
1) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); trespass and illegally regulate.
2) Wolves; trespass and intention to scare you off your property.
3) Conservation Easements; unfair, inaccurate tax assessments.
4) Excess Feral horses; trespass and steals Animal Unit Month
(AUM). This devaluates property.
5) Designation of what they claim to be a most precious jewel; trespass and denied use of property.
6) Pay for a stranger's abortion; steals your earnings.
7) Pay for a stranger's tuition; steals your earnings.
8) Endangered Species Act; trespass and denied use of property.
It's "takings without just compensation."
9) Anti-fracking; denies use of your property. It's "takings without just compensation."
10) Refusal to Administer Water in Prior Appropriation; Denies senior "pre-existing" water rights owners use of water. It's "takings without just compensation."
11) Develop obstruction in "navigable" (per commerce clause definition) waterways - such as the Missouri river; trespass and floods out property owners. It's "takings without just compensation."
12) Illegally storing water under property, and or illegally dumping augmentation water on property; trespass, property destruction, "takings without just compensation."
13) Shut down wells, overhydrate an area to the extent of raising the water table; trespass, devaluation of Consumptive Use, and a "dry up covenant" clause" to deny seller "pre-existing" rights to use of the margin between Consumptive Use and Allotment Quantity.
14) Universal healthcare; government monopoly which violates anti-trust, and steals your privacy and your money.
15) Threats to plop wolves and other predators on your property; trespass, steals time ='s money, plus money you spend on attorneys/travel etc. and attending meetings.
16) Threats to make your property a historical designation; trespass, steals time ='s money, plus money you spend on attorneys/travel and attending meetings.
17) Monument designations; trespass, violates Antiquities Act and denies use of property.
18) Anonymous P.C. Police; control your freedom of speech.
19) Gun laws; denies your right to protect your property, livestock, domestic critters, person, loved ones.
20) Illegal road blockades; stop you from getting to your destination and endangers lives. 21) DOT's that refuse to maintain easements under bridges; floods out property owners which is a "takings without just compensation." 22) United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) trade with countries that are not - for one example -hoof and mouth free. Endangers U.S. livestock. 23) Unchecked illegal immigration; trespass, introduces new contagions, murderous gangs and cripples economies. 24) Animal rights activists; trespass and use property they do not own to seize control of your property. 25) Global Warming aka Climate Change; largest "takings without just compensation" effort known to mankind. Demand any 1 of Al Gore's followers debate 1 out of the 30,000 scientists whose findings differ. 26) Homeless; trespass, denies people use of their property, jeopardizes the health and safety of others.

There are more weapons, but this gives you a start.


a) Put up this no trespassing sign with this exact language! NO ONE may access your
property without a warrant, your written consent, or rare extenuating circumstance.

b) Any who wishes to access your property, must fill out and sign this Private Property Admittance Agreement. 
c) If they are a government employee, they're required to fill out and sign this Public Servants Questionnaire. 
d) If you suspect someone is using your property without your permission, nip that in the bud by immediately sending them this Demand to Remove Property References.

Places you might see references to your property include: Maps with conservation easements and land trusts, corridors for sage grouse-wildland-scenic byway-wolves-bighorn
sheep-buffalo-monument-highway-drug running-feral horses-illegal immigrants-drones-historical trail and more. Look for materials that claim to co-manage, or have a vision for your property. Find addresses for "individuals" behind the materials, then send (notarized and certified) each - as an individual - a Demand to Remove Property References.



Land And Water USA 
remains an excellent resource for Private Property Rights information.

The Range Allotment Owners Association is the only organization in the US, that
represents Range Allotment Owners.

is the only organization in the US that represents Cow-Calf Producers

Because I personally know individuals in the following groups, I can vouch for
their sound efforts to accurately educate and help Property Owners protect
their property.

Protect the Harvest

Heartland Institute
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow CFACT

Sunday, February 23, 2020


A Friendly Visit about Beef and Water 
by Roni Bell 

Yesterday a long-time friend stopped by. They wanted an update. They were Honest to God interested in an update!

I began hesitantly, with our Cow-Calf Producers frustrations of not being able to pierce the Bush/Clinton/Obama wall around President Trump; how President Trump was NOT getting “our” story!

Their leaned in interest fueled me to go into depth: The U.S. Cattle Industry and USDA are controlled by the Packers. Packers block Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) because they enjoy profits importing cheap beef (with a hump in its back) and exporting America’s delicious “Born and Raised in the U.S.A.” beef to demand markets like Japan.

Price receiver Cow-Calf Producers operate on a slim net profit margin. It’s sinful that Packers keep trying to pass on their cost of geographical indicators – aka Animal I.D. – to Cow-Calf Producers.  Packers want Cow-Calf Producers to shoulder the cost of informing Japan’s consumers as to the origin of their beef, while they refuse to handle the cost of informing America’s consumers.  

I slightly touched on the corruption and lack of transparency in the Beef Check-off, giving them Bill Bullard’s name and phone # along with, “He understands COOL and markets better than any other in the U.S.”

Their questions rolled me on to explaining, “There are no ‘public’ lands in America. There are only Federal/Split-Estate lands. Few understand the statutes and policies that back this fact. That’s why Chuck offered his ranch in Wyoming to C.S.U. He wanted his alma mater to start a Department of Policy and Research - headed by Dr. Angus McIntosh." 

C.S.U. wanted an attorney to teach the class, and a couple federal employees to sit on the board. Most attorneys don’t grasp “private property rights on Federal/Split-Estate lands.” So, their request defeated the purpose of Chuck’s offer.  

Because there isn’t an organization that represents entities with Private Property on Federal/Split-Estate lands, Chuck and Dr. Angus McIntosh formed the Range Allotment Owners Association. Soon after, Angus received a nasty letter admonishing this move, from signatories including Karen Budd Falen, Public Lands Council (PLC), Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA).

I explained that Dr. Angus McIntosh knows more about the statutes, policies and codes that surround Federal/Split-Estate Lands than any other in America. It is our wish that Dr. McIntosh sit with President Trump and inform him “There are Property Owners on Federal lands!” Or at least go on Mark Levin’s show and have that discussion! 
Then they asked about Water! OHHH boy!

I started with the short and simple, “Our water law is ‘first in time, first in right.’ Water is to be administered in Prior Appropriation. I can prove that the State Water Engineers are NOT administering in Prior Appropriation!” 

It’s hard to condense 10 years of findings into a Readers Digest version, so I only hit some of the “red flags” that are noticeable to this layperson; starting with, “the 7 Water Courts formed in 1969, are nothing but Kangaroo Courts. There are no plaintiffs, defendants, no opportunity to listen to testimonies or cross examine witnesses.”
Suddenly they said, “Stop, stop! I feel like my head’s going to explode!”

We laughed!

I shared, “It’s OK. I understand! The cumulative pressure of all these things with the frustration of not being able to get the ear of anyone – the collusion’s so widespread and deep - brought me to crashing and burning in the fall of 2018.”  

They replied, “No one listens do they? Even the media. Why do you suppose that is?”

I answered with multiple names of people I’ve verified as involved in allegedly untoward, unethical, illegal actions.

They said, “OK. Continue. Give me some of those ‘red flags.”’

I touched on the WAS (Water Augmentation System) case, explaining “The lower end whined, ‘we don’t have any water. The upper end’s stealing ALL our water.”’

“Then I found the 5-page agreement, called the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP), that Governor Owens signed, giving away 10,000-acre feet of OUR water to NE. That was a HUGE red flag. I mean, how the hell can the lower end (by NE) claim they have no water while at the same time Owens gives away water?”

“Whoever interpreted and implemented the WAS case did so in defiance to Judge Roger Klein’s reminders that “Senior – valid – pre-existing” were to be protected. In other words, all water rights with pre-1969 dates of adjudication were to be exempt. Those wells should NOT have been shut off! The WAS case should be null and void!”
“PRRIP is illegal! Sending water for threatened/endangered whatever species is NOT a legally identified beneficial use of water! PRRIP violates water law!”
“In addition to PRRIP being illegal, another reason Governor Polis should withdraw Colorado from that agreement, is to free up that water for Denver!”

We got into a deep discussion about how I’d met with Governor Matt Mead, and recently Governor Gordon’s Natural Resource person, in effort to encourage Wyoming to withdraw.
Also met with Governor Hickenlooper. But James Eklund wrote me, “I see NO reason” to withdraw from PRRIP!

I told about the conference call with State Senator Scott Renfroe, WY Rep. Sue Wallis (deceased) and Wyoming’s water person Harry LaBonde, to encourage Wyoming to “exercise the withdrawal” clause in the agreement. Harry laughed at us.

When I started to explain the “why” bureaucrats refused to terminate PRRIP, my friend stopped me and asked, “Is that why Gilcrest has such a high-water table? And alkaline is surfacing?”  

“Here’s my overview,” I continued. “Some extremely bright individuals figured out that by shutting down wells, the upper end of the S. Platte would overhydrate. This developed a non-historic perennial in-stream flow that now goes as far as the Colorado Nebraska border. It also developed an underground reservoir – we’re sitting on right here - that’s projected to be multiple the size of Lake McConaughy.  No one can see this reservoir, except that it’s raised the water table and is now surfacing. This is destroying homes, crop land, municipal wastewater treatment plants and more.”  

It’s ‘takings without just compensation’ on steroids!

“Not only that, but water pimps – excuse me, that’s what I call them – anyway, water pimps buy one’s ‘Consumptive Use’ of water, and likely sell the Allotment Quantity, making big bucks off the margin. Furthermore, with the high-water table, they claim, ‘you don’t need as much, so here’s what we’ll give you.’ They’re significantly devaluating water shares.”

I continued, “Bob Sakata is the only farmer I’ve visited with who ‘gets’ the difference between Consumptive Use and Allotment Quantity. He told me, ‘I was a lettuce farmer in California. I had no idea what I’d grown in Colorado. I didn’t know what my Consumptive Use would be.’”

“You see, one can sell either their Consumptive Use or their Allotment Quantity – the original amount one’s given when they first put water to beneficial use. If one sells their Allotment Quantity, then that’s the end of it. If they sell their Consumptive Use, they have the right to use the margin between. But water pimps have this weird “dry up covenant” in the agreements, and unwitting sellers don’t know their rights.”

“Recently, two different entities came with ‘dry up covenant’ agreements they’d been asked to sign. Both had purchased land with no water shares. I advised them, ‘because you never owned the water shares, you have no authority to sign such an agreement.’ The water shares were used as loan collateral. Kind of interesting, because it looks like whoever’s trying to buy those shares wants a dry up covenant so they can play the margin. Also – through easements etc. they apparently want to use your land… to such extent you won’t be able to. Don’t sign the agreement. Instead, offer to ‘sell’ your land,” was my advice.

They interrupted and asked, “Didn’t I hear something about a potato farmer moving to Texas?”

“Yes, that was Harry Strohauer. Because they shut off Harry’s wells, he couldn’t water the vines…and the high-water table was rotting his tubers. So, he moved part of his operation to Clayton, NM.”

“You see, the reason bureaucrats block the termination of PRRIP, is because they NEED it! They’re using the S. Platte as their ‘carriage vessel.” That’s how they move OUR water out east where they peel it off and sell to Brush power plant, use for ethanol, sell to cities and pop more pivots. Once semi-arid desert areas in Logan, Sedgwick, Philips counties are now green under pivots.”
“Who’s they” they asked?

I named names.

It was an intense visit. But they were “interested.” And I deeply appreciated that!

We stopped, because both our heads felt as though they were going to explode.

We should all DEMAND State Water Engineers Administer Water in Prior Appropriation!

It is my hope, that sharing this publicly will spur at least one honest, courageous, smart power that be, to affectively help clean up the corruption in the Beef and Water arenas.  

Or at least tell President Trump.

Will that person, be you? 

Friday, February 14, 2020

How Much Does Federal Owe Property Owners?

How much does Federal government owe Property Owners 
on Federal Split-estate land? 

For years, bureaucrats have aggressively engaged in “takings without just compensation!”

Examples: Government claimed, “Cliven Bundy owes the federal government (BLM) a million dollars.” Government lied! Cliven Bundy has never received a “break out billing” from BLM; therefore, it’s an “alleged” amount. Per statute (law) Bundy doesn’t owe BLM one cent!  Bureaucrats engaged in actions that violated Private Property rights on Federal Split-estate land, and cruelly, unnecessarily, mentally, physically and financially exhausted the Bundy family.  

In a 20+ year battle all the way to the Supreme Court, the Wayne Hage family finally won their case with BLM and Forest Service and were awarded $14,000,000. Federal did not paid them 1 cent. Then Judge Navarro reversed Judge Jones’s decision and fined them over $500,000. Bureaucrats engaged in actions that violated Private Property rights on Federal Split-estate land, and cruelly, unnecessarily, mentally, physically and financially exhausted the Hage family.  

For housing excess feral horses, government owes Chuck Sylvester nearly $800,000. His accurate breakout billings – from 1993 – 2013 - and request for payment from DOI were aggressively ignored. Their initial response was to shift him over to BLM Director Bob Abbey. He stopped sending bills in 2015. A link you may want to check out:  

How much does Federal government owe Property Owners on Federal Split-estate land?


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