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Friday, June 24, 2016


Causes & Effects
Some Candid Comparisons by Jim Beers

It has been fascinating to watch the news for the past 15 hours since the British vote-counting began in their historic referendum (BREXIT) to either remain in or depart the European Union.  As a result of my experience, work history, interests and education; I have been constantly seeing and hearing things that are relevant to Rural America in so many ways that I am compelled to mention them.

British polls and British “establishment” politicians, British power-brokers, British progressive organizations (unions, environmentalists, animal righters, etc.) and even the head (Prime Minister) of the Conservatives and many of his top minions ALL were backing and supremely confident that the Status Quo (increasingly isolated and increasingly unaccountable rule by faceless bureaucrats inhabiting European Union burrows in Brussels) would be not only maintained but strengthened by a demonstration that even a financially well-off country on the fringe of Europe could be browbeaten into accepting both a loss of sovereignty and mandates on everything from open borders to regulations banishing electric teapots (“carbon footprint” don’t you know).

American political polls are simultaneously examining these same large issues and concerns as we approach a Presidential election in 5 months.  While American polls, as is almost always the case, treat Rural America as if it was Narnia, (the invisible country behind the wardrobe in C. S. Lewis’ tale of morality – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) I have found myself wondering how like those British Voters are Rural Americans and their concerns.

Rural Americans are forced to accept, protect, and underwrite all manner of wild animals from deadly and destructive wolves and grizzly bears to insignificant sup-populations of fish, flies, birds etc. They increasingly bear these unbearable burdens as an isolated, growing and unaccountable central government bureaucracy (Washington, DC = Brussels) utilizing and increasing powers never imagined or allowed when they were formed spins into a tyranny.  The image of uniformed bureaucrats, heavily-armed “agents” and politicians hidden in closed carriages; all leading millions of wolves, bears, birds and fish stretched out beyond the horizon into every rural nook and cranny as rural people flee or look on hopelessly is something that will not go away.  It must be an image leftover from the millions of “immigrants” streaming through Hungarian fields or coming ashore in boats that make Cuban or Vietnamese refugee boats look like cruise ships.  All that was missing was Angela Merkel playing a flute at their arrival.

As I listened to the news report rationales for this stunning and surprising (to whom is a fair question) British vote to leave the EU, I wondered how much was due to the reality and results of mandated Islamic migration and resettlement; always treated gingerly and obtusely as “immigration”.  Communities all across America, are likewise concerned about similarly forced and secret “resettlement” (i.e. forced placement of hundreds of thousands un-vetted Moslems largely in rural American communities).  The results of such placements (beheadings, shooting, bombs, etc.), like the results of the death and destruction of large predators and the loss of property and property rights to unjustifiable environmental hokum, receive slanted or no press coverage and citizens speaking out are marginalized as “racists”, “nationalists” and “rednecks” (in the US and whatever bumpkins are called in Britain).

Much has been said about how “Labor” in Britain (otherwise known as Democrat Party in the US) backed staying in the EU.  Much was also said about the “Head” of the “Conservative Party” (i.e. the Prime Minister that rules Parliament and the equivalent of the Republicans in the US).   This Prime Minister is (like in the US) disguised as a leader of an “opposition party and masquerades as an alternative while in reality merely being part of a unitary “establishment” ruling class – again just like in the US.   How like the US “establishment” of both Parties that pass these unjust, un-Constitutional and Draconian laws to enrich themselves by harming a powerless minority (rural Americans) and then (like British political counterparts) whine about why things won’t and can’t change but if you give them your support (and money) they will “take care of things” (“wink, wink; nod, nod” to quote a Monty Python skit).

European nations (?) or “Regions” or “Districts” or “Colonies” or “whatevers” – just like American states - have been AWOL as Brussels has grown their power, forced submission (British radicals have been planning wolf introductions using EU force in Scotland despite any British objections. Wolves are destroying the large European sheep industry and hunting thanks to EU mandates just like in the US.  British rulers, like US politicians (both state and federal) are ready, willing and able to do what US politicians and bureaucrats do – spread death and destruction on rural and urban  communities and then shrug and smirk saying, “it’s the Law”, “tell Brussels” (like Washington), “it’s not MY responsibility”, “we will compensate or defend you” (i.e. hours after the certain disasters), “immigrants ‘need’ help and it is the right thing to do” (this from anti-theist leaders oppressing Christian beliefs), “native cultures are bad, diversity is good, and native ecosystems like human survival of the fittest are what (who?) - God?/ Science?/ Political-Profiteering?/ demands.  US States, like European nations, have been selling their national Treasure and Sovereignty for their personal benefit for too long.  And British voters, when given the chance, have said “enough” we want our country back.

One reporter last night spoke about the “Shy-Tory” phenomenon.  That is evidently someone concerned about friends, family, neighbors, associates, coworkers and others that would vilify them or exclude them if they knew that they (unlike “everyone” else) was going to vote for a Tory or in this case rejecting EU membership.  How many Rural Americans feel the same way about Washington “environmental” bureaucracies?  I am reminded of all the hunters that write me to complain about how I demean TNC, RMEF, DU, PF, etc.; they “buy and save habitat” (plus many very bad things) don’t you know.  I am reminded of a landowner that came out of his seat when I recommended legislation mandating Local (County) approval for any federal or State land acquisition: “they better pay me whatever the government offers or else”.  I am reminded of old friends that complain every time I point out the latest federal hidden agenda, all but screaming that George Soros’ “truth detector” says that isn’t so. I am reminded of state bureaucrats and professors telling me quietly after I speak that they agree but there isn’t anything “we” can do.  I remember an old friend once telling me as we waited in a brackish slough for some geese returning from feeding, “yeah you are right but pretty soon all this hunting, fishing and trapping will be outlawed – I just hope it isn’t before I die”.  While I could go on here at length, I wonder how many such incidents of intimidation and cowardice some Brexit supporter could cite?  Yet, they (including the “Shy-Tories) stood tall yesterday!

Rural America is exactly like Britain:
-       Washington, like Brussels, has become a remote and unaccountable force robbing persons of their rights, nationality and community governments.
-       Wolves, grizzly bears and a host of other critters whose contrived status goes unchallenged is just like overwhelming forced introduction of immigrants ostensibly to help the “endangered” but in reality clusters of problems irresolvable at the Local level and strategically placed (with no recourse) to reinforce “establishment” bureaucrats, politicians and policies.
-       A government and media-distorted reality that would make Goebbels or Stalin proud emerges whenever government-created immigrants or government-introduced and protected animals cause death, destruction, or loss of traditional rights and culture.
-       States, like European national governments, have become merely tax pits employing enablers and “partners” of far off and untouchable central powers formed to be helpful entities with specific responsibilities and that have in turn become like Sumo Wrestlers pushing everyone else aside and down.
-       Radical organizations and lobbyists have easily (due to the lack of accountability and responsibility found in elected officials closest to the governed) taken control of Washington and Brussels like some African or South American dictator originally elected for some necessary quality that quickly evolves into a tyrannical “president-for-life” (actually president-for-me-and-my-friends) rule.
-       That Brits did this without “firing a shot” or simply stealing into the night leaving succeeding generations little more than serfdom under nameless and faceless bureaucrats is a modern wonder to say the least.

Rural Americans that are bearing the brunt of Washington perfidy get no vote to “RA-EXIT” because they are everywhere (with only a few exceptions) outvoted overwhelmingly by urban and suburban voters who see rural issues as minor matters that do not affect them and who accept all the “scientific” gobbledygook (“Natives Only” – for animals not citizens or culture -, “Wilderness”, “Endangered (fill-in-the-blank)”, “Ecosystem Requirement”) and the simmering “hatred” (the correct word) of hunters, trappers, timber management, range management, wildlife management and control, ranchers, rural prosperity, private property, and rural values and culture.  It is as if the British “establishment” and “betters” could allow and count German votes in deciding whether or not Britain could leave the EU.

Yet, British voters said “EXIT” loud and clear despite Scotland and N Ireland and parts of London.  In spite of all the whining today about N Ireland citizens soon needing passports to go to work in the Republic of Ireland and the turbulence in stocks, money values and banking; they have opted to work through that for – Liberty, and Control of and Responsibility for Their Own Sovereign Destiny.  Britain has done what the US did in 1776, only peacefully; since the EU lacks a world-call Army to put down such a challenge to far-off and unaccountable government arbitrarily and increasingly oppressing those they should protect and encourage.

Rural America is evidently like those early English subjects in America; a cross-section of firebrands; those not yet harmed and hoping to go unnoticed; those hoping “their” connections will protect them; those “establishment” folks willing to make everyone else endure whatever “the establishment” demands; and those that came together, not as “Shy-Freedom Fighters” but as the militias cited in the 2nd Amendment.

The amount of harm being done to British citizens in recent years by Brussels; like the harms being done to Rural Americans by Washington which (as we see) when left unchecked grows like some “blob” in a cheap 1950’s B&W Grade B Sci-Fi movie shown on Late Night TV and, like those movies imply, will eventually destroy everything.  British voters have done something about it while Rural America remains in a vise being steadily tightened by Washington politicians, bureaucrats, scientists and radical anti-American organizations with many very bad agendas both hidden and apparent.

What lessons can Rural Americans and all Americans learn concerning the growing loss of Rights, Liberties, Culture and Traditions we are all watching slip away to a rogue central government no longer accountable or responsive to Constitutional rule?  I don’t know, but watching all the BREXIT reporting suggests there is a lot we are not seeing yet that may emerge as things we could well emulate from our brethren “across the pond”!

May Britain prosper and may others learn from her example.

Jim Beers
24 June 2016
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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC.  He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.  He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC.  He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority.  He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.
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