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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


EPA's mission statement: To protect human health and the environment.
EPA's mission statement and its actions flatly contradict each other.
How? It kills businesses, communities, animals and human lives.
In Africa, EPA's ban on DDT has allowed genocide; a genocide that EPA's now moving into America through its bans on pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, fracking chemicals and more.
How can one claim to protect the human health of someone they've just killed?
Whose environment are they protecting? Not America's!
Here's what the EPA is doing to America: Shattering our Justice, creating domestic chaos, stripping away our common defense, promoting only the Welfare of their favorite children and endangering the Blessings of Liberty.
Isn't there anyone out there with courage enough to stop this insidious killing machine? Roni Bell Sylvester Volunteer Editor LAW USA
This issue is one that need never have developed in the first place. It was again the failure of a bureaucracy( starting with association) to do the reasonable thing but this TMDL approach is the junior version of where EPA will take it next. The camel( and my apologies to all camels for comparing them to EPA) got its nose under the tent when the association had good intentions but didn’t earn the right to lead. Now, EPA gets to swoop in and the next version of this will be the numeric nutrient issue that Florida is being buried under. Yes, there’s even more to come from the gorillas at EPA and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Anything rural is an easy target for power grabbers for the obvious reasons of lack of political clout, money and the real world issue that small and rural doesn’t conform to the desires of the feds to pack everyone into little boxes close to each other where they are much more easily controlled. It’s never about the environment, it’s only about control. DM
The un-elected, faceless people who are choking the life out of us haunt me. I simply cannot remove them from my mind.
I want to "remove" them just as I did the "communist" who once visited me. As we were talking, it un-folded more and more that he was a I prodded him until he finally bust open "Well, well, uh - well, I'M A COMMUNIST!"
Needless to say, I immediately jumped up, pointed at my door, and demanded, "Then YOU LEAVE my home RIGHT NOW!" He did. I later learned he crushed himself in a accident with his front loader. Still creeps me out when I reflect on him.
These faceless un-elected people are "in my home," and I want them identified and ushered out ASAP! RMS


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