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Tuesday, May 4, 2021




Grantor: Property Owner

Grantee: Person who desires access to Property Owner’s Property. Grantee also includes friends and family. Grantee assumes full responsibility for said persons while on Property.

Property: May also include Range Allotment Owner Property on Federal Land.

Please consider this signed agreement as permission granted to Grantee:______
Address: __________________________________________________________
Phone #__________________________________________________________
To be admitted on the property of Grantor: _________________________________
Area confined to: _____________________________________________________
Approximate number of Grantee guests___________________
Public Servant is required to fill Public Servant’s Questionnaire pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974, and attach to Grantor’s Property Admittance Agreement.


Grantee agrees that he or she is a guest on Grantor’s Property and accepts burden of performance and acknowledges any action not agreeable to Grantor authorizes Grantor opportunity to terminate agreement.

Grantee agrees Property may or may not have possible hazards such as equipment, wild and domestic creatures, water etc., and will be responsible for all guests of any age; with special tending to Children.

Agreement prohibits recovering damages from Grantor for personal injury or property damage incurred by Grantee while on property. Exception: Damage or injury willfully or deliberately caused by Grantor.

Grantee does not have permission to share any activity (includes hunting, fishing, dirt moving) or material (includes land, water, structure, fauna, flora, photography, electronic image, or video) they see, with any government, government agent, government contractor, representative, private entity, non-profit agent, non-government public organization or non-profit private organization.



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Grantee promises to: Notify Grantor prior to each time Grantee desires to enter property; exercise full consideration of this privilege granted; will be observant of keeping shut gates shut, not leave behind any material Grantee brings in, not remove any material from Grantor’s property, no smoking or fire building on property, not intentionally bring damage to any part of the land, water, farm animals or livestock, and not move beyond area defined in agreement.

This agreement is non-transferable, and on a Grantee assumes responsibility for themselves and accompanying friends and or family basis.

Grantee must have agreement available to show Grantor or any person Grantor authorizes to request show of said agreement; if Grantee fails to show requested agreement, Grantor or Grantor’s authorized person will hold right to terminate this agreement and demand Grantee leave property immediately.
Agreement start date:____________ Agreement termination date:____________

Signed (Grantee) ________________________________________________________________

Signed (Grantor) _________________________________________________________________










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I, _____________________________________________________________________am a Private Property Owner (Hereafter referred as Owner) whose properties may include deeded land, grazing allotments, certain permits, trademarks and agreements, animals, water shares, rights of way, easements, cattle trailways, gas oil and mineral rights, water/forage and other beneficial uses deemed legal, titled structures, airspace and business (Hereafter referred as Properties) located in the county(s) of _________________ in the state of _______________

It has been brought to my attention that through voiced intentions, public media, videos, maps, photos, prospectus, FOIA and other certain papers (Hereafter referred as Reports), __________________________________________________________________________ - potentially in conjunction with non-profit and for-profit affiliate organizations, and/or representatives (Hereafter referred collectively as Entity), has allegedly assumed and or is speculating use(s) for Properties, and other properties not owned by Owner but are near-by and or conjoining Properties to the extent use of could jeopardize Owner’s Properties.

Because Entity did not seek written consent or permission from Owner for admittance on and or any use what-so-ever of Properties, Owner considers Entity may have arbitrarily engaged in unlawful trespass.

Entity’s alleged Reports have already harmed Owner by creating a nuisance that is needlessly- possibly intentionally - disturbing, violating, and encumbering rightful usage, creating a financial burden, and placing a cloud on Properties.

As Owner whose Properties, income and business, are now negatively harmed by Entity’s alleged Reports, I am providing this Demand to Remove Property References to serve as my formal demand: Entity must remove, erase and delete any and all references of Properties from any and all materials generated by, or utilized by Entity, potential affiliates or representatives (contracted or volunteered), within thirty (30) business days of receipt of this letter (Sent certified with return receipt form 3811.).

In keeping with my State and Federal Constitutional rights to acquire, possess and protect my Properties, I, the undersigned as Owner, hereby demand Entity file a certified letter with the clerk and assessor in each before-mentioned County(s), clearly affirming that Entity has removed all references of Properties from all Reports Entity and his or her allied organizations have, within thirty (30) business days of receipt of this letter.

Should Entity choose not to comply with Owner’s Demand to Remove Property References, Owner will exercise the right to remedy (includes liens and seizures), as may be appropriate and provided by law.

Should Entity’s non-compliance result in Owner having to take action to remove Properties and Owner referencing from Entity’s Reports - starting at the expiration of the forty (40) business day period, charges will be filled accordingly.

In this matter, Owner is not associated in any manner whatsoever with Entity or representatives, affiliates, and or family members of Entity. Owner has no knowledge of Entity’s specific plans or intentions. Therefore, Owner is to be held harmless and totally exempt from any liabilities whatsoever that may result or have resulted from any representation whatsoever Entity (representatives, affiliates and or family members of Entity) may have made to any persons as pertains to Owner or Properties.

Date __________________________________


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