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Thursday, January 25, 2018


For all my farmer/irrigated Nebraska friends or those who rely on farm related business; Call and email your state Senator to shut down LB 1022 introduced by Sen. Schumacher of Columbus; a disaster for irrigation.  By Jeremy Cohen 

Dear Sen. Schumacher,

I am writing to voice my strong opposition to LB1022. This Bill if, enacted, would completely shut down irrigation in Western Nebraska and devastate its economy. You wouldn’t need tax revenue for rural schools in many counties whose economies are dependent upon irrigated crops, feedlots and ethanol plants, as the gross and net income would decline precipitously and people would all have to move to the city. You would be indirectly killing many jobs at elevators, farms, fertilizer plants, rural cooperative electric organizations and agricultural implement dealers.

Do the math.

1. There is hereby imposed a tax upon the use of water to irrigate agricultural land and horticultural land. The tax shall be equal to one cent for every ten gallons of water pumped from a covered water well and shall be paid by the owner of the agricultural land and horticultural land being irrigated.

One center pivot irrigating 130 acres in Western Nebraska might average 12 inches of water per acre per year, or 130 acre feet of water. There are 325,851 gallons in an acre foot, so 130 x 325,851 would equal approximately 42.36 million gallons used on an average irrigated pivot quarter section of ground. So, your bill proposes to tax 1/10th of that, or 4.23 million gallons at 1 cent. So 4,236,0000 x $0.01 tax =$42,360. That’s more than 70% of the average gross production of corn at 200 bu per acre at $3 per bu. (An acre foot is the amount of water to cover one acre with one foot of water (that’s 12 inches)).

The property taxes currently on that same quarter of ground are about $5000 plus about $1300 in Occupation tax. There is nothing in your bill about cutting the Occupation Tax, so even if the land tax went down to $700 an acre as dryland, your bill would increase taxes on an irrigated quarter by $42,360 - $4,300= $38,060. That’s 63 cents per bushel of corn. Farming at $3 corn is already a losing proposition. No feedlot or ethanol plant is going to buy corn at 63 cents above market. I would have no choice but to shut down irrigation entirely and my farm tenant and all of his employees would be out of work and likely facing bankruptcy. The local school district would lose much of its tax revenue as I’d predict almost all irrigation would shut down and be taxed instead at dryland rates.

Perhaps it would make sense if the tax rate were 1 cent per 100 gallons of water as that would result in a small tax cut for the average farmer. Do you really intend for this result or is your math off by one decimal point? If the above is your intended result, you are clearly out of touch with reality. So, if this shuts down irrigation as we know it, what is it you intend to do with the underground water which the State claims it owns? How is the State going to support all the new folks added to the welfare roles in Western Nebraska as the result of your devastation of the economy.

Maybe my math is wrong? If so, please prove it and send me your math that led you to propose this Bill. If I am right and you and your staff made a math error at that level, or don’t understand how much water is used, maybe it’s time to step down from being a representative of this state. There are many other problems with your Bill. I hope that the other Senators will have the good sense to shut it down quickly.

Jeremy Cohen 


R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America
"Fighting for the Independent U.S.Cattle Producer"

To:                  Colorado R-CALF USA Members  
From:              Bill Bullard
Date:               January 25, 2018

URGENT:  Colorado Legislatures Need Your Calls/Emails Urging Support of the Colorado Beef Bill (HB 1043)

Background:  Colorado cow/calf rancher and State Representative Kimmi Lewis introduced the Colorado Beef Bill (HB 1043) in the Colorado legislature that fills the void created when Congress (the swamp) removed beef from our nation's mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) law. Chicken, lamb, goat, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables and certain nuts are all still required to be labeled under the federal COOL law but the powerful multinational meatpackers churned the swamp causing beef and pork to become outliers as they are no longer required to be labeled.
The Colorado beef bill (HB 1043) fills the void by requiring Colorado grocery stores to place a sign next to beef products that identifies the origins of the beef sold to consumers.  The bill reserves the "Product of the U.S.A." sign only for beef that is born, raised and slaughtered in the United States. If the beef is not exclusively produced in the United States, the sign must state the foreign country(s) from which the beef originated.
The multinational meatpackers and their allies, the NCBA, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Colorado Livestock Association, and the Colorado Farm Bureau are pulling out all the stops to defeat HB 1043.  These groups do not want consumers to know that they buy cheaper foreign cattle to feed and cheaper foreign beef to resell rather than to buy their inputs from U.S. cattle producers.
These groups know that when consumers are offered a choice, demand for U.S. cattle and U.S. beef will increase and domestic cattle prices will increase. 
How do we know that?
When mandatory COOL for beef was fully implemented in 2013, your cattle prices rallied and reached the highest nominal levels in history.  Beef demand also increased, with the beef demand index reaching the highest level in over a decade.  Then, in 2016, the year after COOL for beef was repealed, your cattle prices fell over $60 per cwt (for calves) and beef demand began falling. The live cattle industry lost $13.6 billion in cash receipts during the year after COOL's repeal.
The opponents of (HB 1043) are blasting Colorado legislatures with emails and phone calls and spreading outrageous lies about Colorado's beef bill.  For example, a Colorado Farm Bureau spokesperson sent an email blast stating the bill singles out "beef from pork, poultry and fish."  This misinformed spokesperson doesn't even know that COOL still applies to chicken and fish.  Nevertheless, he and others are purposely scaring Colorado legislators with false information.
HB 1043 is scheduled for a hearing before the Colorado House Agriculture Committee at 1:30 p.m. Mountain Time on Monday, January 29, 2018.  It must pass in the Committee if it is to make it to the floor of the House for a full debate.
Action:  As quickly as you can, please call and email the following Colorado Legislators to urge them to fully support HB 1043 because Colorado consumers deserve to know where their beef is from and Colorado cattle producers deserve to have their high quality USA beef identified in the marketplace.  You may go here to find phone numbers: 
Colorado House Ag email addresses
303-866-2917; 970-231-5090
303-866-3706; 970-768-6500
303-866-2907; 970-302-4013
303-866-3911  (Kimmi is the sponsor so she does not need calls or emails)

US Beef is Safer Than Foreign Beef!

Thanks for your help!  You produce the best beef in the world and under the best of conditions.  You deserve to be rewarded for that!
# # #
R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America) is the largest producer-only cattle trade association in the United States. It is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. For more information, visit or, call 406-252-2516.  
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


As you read the following article, please know there are NO "public" lands in the U.S. 
Aaron Weiss said, "Secretary Zinke has made it clear who he is listening to - and that is oil and gas and uranium companies." 
My question to Aaron is "Why not?" After all, "federal" lands are "split estates" with gas/oil/mineral rights. 
There are also Range Allotments on Federal Lands. 
To my knowledge, never once has National Park System Advisory Board "advised" the "public" about Federal lands and split estates.
Groups including Weiss's Center for Western Priorities, and agencies including the USDA and DOI have failed to educate the "public" regarding these "valid-pre-existing rights." 
Their failures have brought significant harm to rights owners! 
President Trump and Secretary Zinke are sorting and sifting through the humongous piles of inaccurate propaganda, in effort to protect the "real" property rights owners.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


By Gene Kammerzell (c) 2018

A few weeks back when I came home from Sunday Meet’n at Cowboy Church I discovered my corral gate was open and my prize Paint Mare was miss’n. She was real nice, papered n’ all in my name. Someone surely had to take her ‘cause I remember snapping the chain lockin the gate on Saturday night. Then there was last Fourth of July. Me & the Missus decided to get away fer a couple of days and went over to Steamboat to take in their rodeo and party with the mountain cowboys a bit. When we got home the first thing I saw was that my hay stack had shrunk. I just put up 1400 bales of grass in mid-June and I’ll be jiggered if at least half of it wasn’t missin. And before all of that, we went down to the Stock Show in Denver, mainly to see the draft horse pullin contest. When we came out of the arena and walked over to where I had left my Ford F-250, all that was still there was a little pile of broken glass and my pick-up was gone. And the capper to all of this is that the state engineer red tagged my irritatin well and said that I had to come up with a whole bunch of new water to augmentate it or else I can’t continue to pump it. Now, to me this makes no sense, no how. See’n how that there well was included in the property deed when my Pa bought this place back in 1936, and that it had been dug in 1920 and put to good use then and ever since, I figger it was bought, paid for and a part of the place. Shucks that well was a pumpin and a part of this here place since before Colorado entered into the interstate compact with Nebraska.

Well, my uncle Wilber went to the auction over in Ogalla last week, and guess what? Here came my prize mare with my brand on her left hip. It sure enough was her alright. So he called over the Brand Inspector and told him my mare was stole a couple of weeks back and the proof was the brand right there on her rump. Well the Brand inspector called the county sheriff and they arrested the two who brought her there and took the forged bill of sale as evidence. My neighbor down the way a bit with a dairy asked me if’n I wanted to sell him some more hay for his calves. He said that the calves were sure doin good on the first batch they paid cash for from my cousin. I told him I had no cousin in the hay business and had been wonderin where 700 bales of my spring cut hay went. Well, I’ll be darn if the New Mexico State Patrol didn’t call and ask me if’n I was amissin a turquoise Ford F-250 with Colorado plates on it. They said they found it down by Albuquerque run plum outa diesel. I told him yer dad burn right I’m a-missin my pick-up. It’s been plain hell trying to get into town and buy groceries with the John Deere and I want my pick-up back! Ever tried hauling around yer Border Collie on the back of yer John Deer on a 3 point cultivator tool bar? Aside from being at the short end of a bunch of bad luck, I think the worst thing was the takin away of my well water. I come to find out that some fellas down east of here hired a slick talkin lawyer and whipped up one big whopper of a story about them being in a hurtin way all because me and my neighbors were pumping water they’ve laid claim to. I’m here to tell ya that theys noth’n but lying claim jumpers. I got my court decree fer the well & all and I can prove to ya what I’m a sayin is true. They was outta water down there way back in the 30's, long before most of the wells up here were punched. Shucks there’s been many atimes upriver here that the river’s run dry too and no one’s to blame. If’n there ain’t no water, there ain’t none. Period. So how come they thinks they’re special? HOW THINGS ENDED UP Well, I got my dandy mare back! She looks a bit thin from all the travelin she’s been doin, but otherwise she’s in good shape. I pressed charges in Nebraska for the stealin of my horse and those crooks are gonna be locked up fer quite a spell, seein how transporting stolen livestock across state lines is a pretty big deal. Forging a livestock bill of sale got em into even bigger trouble. My neighbor who bought my hay from the fellas who stole it in the first place happened to be taken pictures of his kids with their show calves, getting ready for the fair and accidently snapped a picture of one of the guys in his truck and got his license plate number. Sheriff Cook used that picture along with my neighbor’s story and caught up with these guys way down by Wray, fixin to the same thing again. Seems that when Sheriff Cook’s deputy was puttin on the handcuffs the guy fell against his truck door, knocking the door panel loose and out popped about 10 pounds of Mary Jane. Seems that these boys were wanted all over in the South West and I got to collect enough reward money to pay me back for the hay they stole. Then there is the story about my pick-up. Since it was a turquoise Ford F-250 they seem to be kinda rare, not too many around. Seems those guys used my pick-up to rob a bank in New Mexico. Being turquoise, quite a few people paid attention to it when it was parked outside a motel in Carl’s Bad. After the New Mexico Patrol found my Pick-up along side the road, and having eye witnesses seein it at the robbed bank, the patrol put an advertisement on TV. Video Cameras at the motel identified the robbers. They were wanted in Arizona and now they are in one of Sheriff Arpaio’s desert tents wearing pink panties. I’ll betcha the folks who got robbed don’t think these guys look too tuff now! 

Now, if horses, hay, pick-ups and water are all property, just why is it that the sheriff can take care of the thieves of my horse, hay and pick-up, but not my water? They have no Horse Court, no Hay Court, and no Pick-up Court, but there sure is one Water Court. So what’s the difference, all them things being my property that was stolen? The sheriff can handle horse thieves, hay thieves and pick-up thieves, but not water thieves? Looks to me like we need more justice like the sheriff sees it. Either you are in the right or the wrong - no in between. No belly achin can wiggle you off the hook if you are in the wrong. Man-up, stop snifflein, complainin, bitchin and moanin. If you missed the boat when yer neighbor was workin to get ahead and paid to punch a well accept it. You can still get ahead if yer willing to work for it. Just stop thinking someone else owes you what they worked to get. I got legal proof I own the right to use my well water. It came with my deed and again with my court decree. Those guys a belly achin all got into the water line way after we up here settled our land and developed our water. Looks to me like they all is jealous over what we made of ourselves and now they reckon that by throwin a fit they can claim what is ours fer themselves. They got slick suited big city lawyers making double talk arguments to judges that don’t know a irrigatin shovel from a manure fork. And it seems that 9 times outta 10 the judge buys into the load on the manure fork. All I can see is that Water Court is just one more thief in a whole pack of thieves. Whinin, belly achin claim jumpers or slick suited lawyers a helping the claim jumpers or judges buyin into ashoveling manure makes no difference. No matter which way a crook looks through the jail house bars, from the inside or outside, in my book a crook is still a crook, and ya can take that to the bank!


Trump’s words are far less despicable than what Green-Democrat policies do to people

By Paul Driessen

By now, nearly the entire world has heard reports that President Trump referred to the origins of some immigrants as “sh**hole countries.”
Democrats and their media allies spent an entire week castigating the president, calling him racist for using the salty language of Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Hillary Clinton. Their faux outrage served to distract people from the ways Mr. Trump’s energy, deregulation and tax reform policies have rocketed the stock market to record highs a record number of times, created over two million jobs, slashed black and Hispanic unemployment, and increased US wealth by some $8 trillion since his inauguration. Pounding on this bad-word Fake News story also muddied discussions about immigration, which Dems hope will bring big electoral gains in November. As former Obama aide Jennifer Palmieri recently put it, illegal immigrants are “a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”
Mr. Obama himself waded in, saying Trump supporters and other Fox News viewers live “on a different planet” than people who watch “mainstream media.” In this era of hyper-partisan news coverage and political views, he’s absolutely right. You might call that other planet the Real World, inhabited by hard-working blue collar folks … and struggling families overseas. Which brings us to the real issue.
The naughty-word firestorm also distracts people from the Democrats’ own racial history and animus. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln ended slavery and championed civil rights in the 1960s, while the Democrats were the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, and policies that even today condemn too many minority children to failed schools, fatherless homes and crime-ridden cities. Especially under President Obama, their unending war on fossil fuels hampered economic development and job creation, and brought poor, minority, middle class and blue collar family living standards down a couple notches.
Far worse is what the modern Democratic Party and its allies in the media, radical environmentalist movement and global government agencies are doing to the world’s most impoverished, malnourished, diseased, energy-deprived, politically powerless families. They do it in the name of environmental protection, sustainable development or preventing “dangerous manmade climate change.” But the policies are callous, unjust, dehumanizing, eco-imperialistic and often lethal. Some would even call them racist.
In 2009, President Obama told Africans they should refrain from using “dirty” fossil fuels and focus instead on their “bountiful” wind, solar, geothermal and biofuel energy. In 2013, he told another African audience that global warming constitutes “the biggest challenge we have environmentally,” greater than all other environmental calamities like “dirty water, dirty air.”
“If everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house,” he continued, “the planet will boil over.” He then announced his “Power Africa” initiative for a “sustainable Africa” – which emphasized wind, solar, biofuel and geothermal power … but didn’t even mention fossil fuels.
His Overseas Private Investment Corporation refused to support construction of a gas-fired power plant in Ghana that would provide clean and affordable electricity to that power-deprived nation – using natural gas that companies were flaring (burning and wasting) in Ghanaian oil fields. His administration ignored South Africa’s request for a World Bank loan to continue building its state-of-the-art, coal-fired Medupi power plant. Europe’s former colonialist powers had the same attitudes toward their former colonies.
Thankfully, both projects eventually got the necessary funding and were completed.
Continued energy poverty condemns the world’s poor “to real poverty and the diseases, malnutrition and desperation that go with that absence of modern energy,” said Ugandan Steven Lyazi, who died recently in a tragic accident on a horrid African road that is also a product of pervasive poverty. These problems are due to dysfunctional government and incompetent, corrupt leaders, but also to “callous, imperialistic
people in rich countries” who use exaggerated or imaginary environmental concerns and fake disasters “to limit how much poor countries may use fossil fuels (or nuclear power) to develop their economies.”
“The principal and unchanged interest” of poor countries continues to be “development and a better quality of life for [their] people,” says Pakistani academic Adil Najam: health, nutrition, jobs, education and life spans. Their principal fear is that the industrialized world is “using environmental issues as an excuse to pull up the development ladder behind it.”
“The greatest threat to the alleviation of the structural poverty of the Third World is the continuing campaign by Western governments, egged on by some climate scientists and green activists, to curb greenhouse emissions, primarily the CO2 from burning fossil fuels,” writes economist Deepak Lal. (He also wrote the foreword to the India edition of my book, Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death.)
The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health now claims the Third World is suffering millions of deaths annually from industrial pollution. This is false, says Professor Mikko Paunio. Most of the deaths the commission attributes to industrial air pollution are actually caused by burning wood and dung. Most deaths from diarrhea are no longer caused by polluted water, as it claims, but from poor hygiene because the world’s poor still do not have enough water for proper bathing, cleaning and hygiene.
For the developing world, says Paunio, “adequate water supply has completely fallen off the agenda. Instead, environmental health for poorer countries has come to mean only provision of some clean drinking water and latrines. But the copious supplies of clean water that allow hygienic conditions – and therefore public health – are no longer seen as a priority for the world’s poorest.”
That’s largely because abundant clean water requires abundant, reliable, affordable electricity – which requires large centralized coal, natural gas, nuclear or hydroelectric generators … which Greens oppose. As to renewable energy, ultra-green Germany’s millions of solar panels received just ten hours of (weak) sunshine during the entire 31 days of December 2017! Try running a country or water system on that. The same radical groups that battle energy also oppose DDT and insecticides to control malaria and other insect-borne diseases. They condemn and obstruct GMO food – even crops created to replace staples that are being decimated by disease, and even Golden Rice, the genetically engineered miracle grain that could end childhood Vitamin A Deficiency and the blindness and slow death that accompany it.
The undeniable result of all these campaigns is that the world’s most destitute people are kept where they are, or allowed to improve their lives only a little, at the margins, to the extent possible with inadequate renewable energy, clean water, bed nets and subsistence farming. That these impacts fall most heavily on the world’s non-white families underscores the racial injustice of so many environmentalist policies.
Like their ancient forebears, today’s superstitious Gaia worshipers sacrifice people to prevent droughts, global warming and climate change. They protect impoverished families from computer-generated climate disasters decades from now – by shortening their lives today. The lesson is simple.
Poor countries should not do what rich countries are doing now that they are rich. They should do what rich countries did to become rich – using the best modern technologies available.
China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries are doing exactly that. They are tired of being told not to develop, because it “might hurt the climate” or “wouldn’t be sustainable.” They’re building hydroelectric dams and coal- and gas-fired power plants at a rapid pace – often with the aid of Chinese loans, expertise and technology, because western nations have abdicated their responsibilities.
So yes, there is another planet besides the one where Mr. Obama and his likeminded friends reside. It’s a world where people are tired of kowtowing to ruling elites who live in luxury while telling “commoners” they must roll back their living standards, or never aspire to conditions much better than they have now.
But in a few more years or decades, today’s poor countries will reach economic parity with rich nations – and even surge ahead of those that sacrifice their industries and “commoners” on the Earth goddess altar.
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Congress of Racial Equality, and author of books and articles on energy, environment and human rights issues

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beef COORS Bill

For Immediate Release:             
January 8, 2018                           

Media Contact: R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard
Phone: 406-252-2516;

Colorado Legislature to Consider 
Identifying USA Beef
Denver, Colo. - On Friday, State Representative Kimmi Lewis and State Senator Vicki Marble introduced in Colorado's 2018 General Assembly a bill titled, "Beef Country of Origin Recognition System," also referred to as the "Beef COORS bill" by the sponsors.
If passed, the bill would require Colorado retailers to place a placard in the immediate vicinity of beef products, including ground beef, that informs consumers as to whether the beef was derived exclusively from animals that were born, raised, and slaughtered in the United States, or whether the beef was imported or derived from imported animals.
Federal regulations allow beef products sold in Colorado to be labeled as "Product of the U.S.A." when, for example, a multinational meatpacker like JBS imports beef from Australia and subsequently unwraps and rewraps the beef before selling it to a retail grocery store in Colorado. 
The "Product of the U.S.A." label can also be used in Colorado on beef derived exclusively from cattle born and raised in Mexico and Canada and then imported into the U.S. for immediate slaughter.
"The Beef COORS bill corrects the federal government's deceptive labeling scheme by reserving the "USA Beef" placard only for beef exclusively derived from animals that were born, raised, and slaughtered in the United States," said Lewis who also owns and operates the Muddy Valley Ranch in Kim, Colorado.
"The public will finally be able to distinguish between beef produced exclusively under the United States' production and food safety standards versus beef produced in countries with different production standards and food safety systems that are not identical to ours," Lewis added.
Lewis and Marble introduced a similar bill during last year's General Assembly. However, about one-week before their bill was scheduled for a hearing before the state's House Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Committee, one of the bill's fiercest opponents, the world's largest beef packer and prominent beef importer, Brazilian-owned JBS, contributed $12.5 million to Colorado State University.
"This well-timed monetary contribution by JBS had a chilling effect on the committee and, unsurprisingly, our bill was defeated," commented Lewis adding "And soon after that JBS was cited by Brazilian authorities for bribing nearly 2000 government officials and shipping tainted beef in the world export market, and the company's top executives were jailed for insider trading.
"We think our chances for a fair hearing this year will be far better than we had last year and because our bill is a no-nonsense bill that gives consumers important information about where their beef was actually produced, we think most Colorado legislators will enthusiastically support it for their constituents," she concluded.
R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America) is the largest producer-only cattle trade association in the United States. It is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle and sheep industries.

R-CALF USA | PO Box 30715, Billings, MT 59107 
 Phone 406-252-2516 | Fax 406-252-3176  
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Monday, January 8, 2018


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Why Are Animal Rights Extremist Groups Allowed to Get Away with False Accusations?
Guest Article by Roni Bell Sylvester, Colorado Resident

Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis and Aidan Cook in conjunction with PETA, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and other animal rights extremist groups, are gathering thousands of signatures to stop mutton bustin’ at the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo. When I read reports in the news about this I immediately sought input from my husband, Chuck Sylvester.

Why would I ask my husband?
My husband Chuck, knows the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo (NSSW) intimately. When he was about 3 years old, his dad held him on his shoulders, so he could see the action in the arena. As a young boy, Chuck first showed a steer in 1952 and years later in 1975, he was manager of the NW Livestock Center (The old Denver Union Stockyards). In 1978, Chuck became General Manager National Western Livestock Show, retiring in 2003 after serving 25 years.

Growing Up on a Farm is a Blessing:
Chuck talked about his experiences growing up on a farm and how beneficial it is for children to learn about farming and farm animals. “I was blessed to have grown up on a farm. Feeding, appreciating, doctoring, grooming, petting and hugging animals is one’s only way of going. You grow up helping a cow birth her calf, a sow farrow, a horse foal, a sheep lamb, a cat have her litter and so forth. Making sure the brooder house and waterer are kept just right so your baby chicks will grow into good laying hens, and later fryers, you learn responsibility. One of maybe 2 times I ever saw my tough old farmer father cry, was when the brooder heater broke, and all the baby chicks died. “

“Being a part of a family farm, you learn quickly, not to leave a gate open or a water tank frozen over with ice; for you will be held accountable for any harm to a critter. You know that if you take good care of your creatures, they’ll take good care of you. When thrust into the city, I found that most urban children don’t have such opportunities. Then unfortunately, too many of them grow up to be adults like the PETA-backed, Mutton Bustin petitioners - who don’t know the difference between animal welfare and animal rights.”

The Difference Between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare:
Chuck then went on to talk about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare and how these animal rights extremist groups raise money – claiming to use the money on behalf of the animals. Instead, they sit in their office in the city, using that money to attack the very people who are doing the real work of caring for the animals day in and day out.
“While we gather up hay for the horses, PETA gathers signatures for their personal financial gain.
I believe the rights an animal has, is the right to our welfare. And that’s what we give them.”

Care of the Animals at the National Western Stock Show:
Chuck still serves on the Animal Care and Use Committee for the National Western Stock Show. The Committee Chairman is Colorado State Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Rohrer. Chuck says, “The welfare and well-being of animals is the highest priority of the Committee and The National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo. The roping calves, steers, horses (Rodeo stock) are given the best medical care, the best feed and bedding, as well as grooming. In so far as the show animals, the staff at the National Western Stock Show stay on top of waterers, bedding, electrical outlets and every detail to make sure they remain healthy and happy.”

The Animal Care and Use Committee includes representatives from the Rodeo and the Livestock Show. They are stock contractors, horse show representatives, as well as professionals in animal care and welfare including C.S.U. Animal Ethics Professor, Dr. Bernie Rollin, and world renowned equine practitioner Dr. Marvin Beeman.

The Children’s Area at the Stock Show:
Chuck also mentioned that helping children learn about animals was one of the most rewarding parts of his job. He said, “On the 3rd floor of the Hall of Education (NW complex) there should be a sign that reads:
“Caution. Children’s laughter zone. If you are offended, do not enter.”

One of the most rewarding parts of my job happened each time I walked out of my 3rd floor office, directly into what we called “the children’s area.” Hearing the children’s squeals of laughter and seeing their eyes wide and happy with joy as they petted a goat, saw a cow being milked and a duck waddle filled my heart with gratitude. The FFA Children’s Barnyard has pony rides and numerous attractions that reach out and help thousands of youth have fun while learning about critters from ducks to yaks.”

Why would anyone want to stop a family from having safe wholesome fun?
Stopping the Mutton Bustin at the National Western Stock Show is nothing but a move by animal rights extremists to push their ideology on others. Eliminating the opportunity for children to interact with animals is just one way they are going about it. They make claims about the safety of the animals.
Here’s what Chuck had to say about that, “I can assure you that in my 25 years as General Manager of the National Western Stock Show, never once was any child, adult or sheep harmed in the Mutton Bustin event.” This is still true today.

“For all those years, the foundation I used to build the Stock Show on was to keep the children entertained. Observations proved that, in order to ensure all the events – including the rodeo - are successful, is to keep the children interested. Happy children equal happy parents. If the kids get restless and fussy, the parents get restless. The squabbling begins and the family leaves the show,” he continued.

“Over its 112-year history, thousands of cheerful volunteers have given millions of hours to help the National Western sustain its healthy, happy, constructive activities for people of all ages. They love volunteering, and the Stock Show couldn’t walk, much less run without them. It angers me that the petitioners want to kill that enthusiasm too! The real and everlasting beauty of the National Western is that it’s family entertainment. Let’s continue working together, to ensure another 112 years.”

Sickening Flashback:
The news reports about the petitions gave me a flashback to seeing Benny Butler’s bucking horse – born with a Parrot mouth – being used in animal rights materials; HSUS, PETA, Steve Hindi’s Shark, ASPCA, ALF or whatever. In my mind they’ve all become one. Their claim was that Butler abused the horse so it looked that way. My claim was, “They’re using Benny Butler’s property – without his written consent – for their money raising propaganda. That’s illegal!”

They Shouldn’t Be on the News Without Proof:
Why does the news allow these extremist groups to make accusations without proof?
In the recent news reports Aiden Cook of the animal rights extremist group, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) claimed: “If we thought (this was) an event where we strapped kids to the backs of terrified dogs and ran them around for our enjoyment, people would be outraged.”

Then Cook charged, “…terrified prey sheep sees the child as a predator, often leaving animals seriously injured…”

There are many questions that deserve answers. Don’t you think they should be held to proving their charges?

I have a lot of questions for DxE and their affiliated animal rights extremist groups:

We sent a letter to DxE and are awaiting an answer. We asked them to provide the names and contact info for the professionals they use, documents that show the dates and locations of their research, and their peer reviewed findings.

The petition stated, “…the activity to be cruel and barbaric.”

Don’t you think they should have to show their analysis and more?

They charged, “The entire Western Stock Show is a very violent event.”

DxE claims to be spokespersons, “speaking as allies to nonhumans.”

Don’t you think we have the right to demand disclosure of which “nonhumans,” donkeys, cows, turtles, or other animals that voted for them? Don’t you agree it’s essential to know whether the voting was a consensus or a counted show of paws, hooves and webbed feet? Were the voters feral or domestic? Were any animals excluded?

What does DxE, Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis, Aidan Cook and their affiliates want their petition to accomplish? To raise more money for them? A costly joke, publicity stunt, or what?
Do signatories sign online, in person, or are they collecting signatures in several ways? If they provide their contact info, what is their origin breakout?
Are petitioners paid, or volunteer?
How are signatures counted and reviewed for legitimacy?

DxE and Their Affiliates Should be held accountable:
Has DxE, Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis, Aidan Cook and their affiliates provided any projections as to how much their actions will cost Colorado taxpayers? If their actions have subjected any entity to costs, shouldn’t they be personally held to reimbursing Colorado taxpayers?

Did DxE, Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis, Aidan Cook, PETA and other affiliated groups seek and receive written consent from the NWSS, parents, attendees, livestock owners, the City and County of Denver, the Coliseum and NWSS sponsors, to use their property (includes person, ads, livestock etc.) in their petition/fundraising materials?

Documentation has already revealed the willful actions by Amy Hsiung, Samantha Francis, Aidan Cook and their affiliated animal rights extremist groups have subjected the NWSS, its Attendees, Parents of Children Participants and Livestock Owners to harm including: Creating nuisances that needlessly- possibly intentionally - disturb, violate, and encumber rightful usage of property, endanger livestock and human life, create financial burdens, kill the happiness of volunteers, attempted to extinguish historic customs and cultures, and destroy Family Entertainment.

Perhaps the City and County of Denver and Governor Hickenlooper should demand they either state the laws they believe give them the authority to extinguish historic customs and cultures of Denver and Colorado, or “get out of town!”


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