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Sunday, September 30, 2012


How Today's High-Stakes Political Combat Works

©2012 Beverly K. Eakman

The thesis of the book is that Americans are being “played” in a high-stakes game to destabilize the nation. What foreign policy experts like to call “regime change” is coming to America, and the average constituent is caught up in a game of political maneuvers.  The author details techniques that are highly reminiscent of “superbly Stalinesque” schemes perfected in the old Soviet Union to extinguish “old loyalties” and replace them with “new thinking.” A tried and true formula of diversion, distraction and disinformation has been refined by a new breed called “Perception Managers” using 21st-century technological capabilities to mold public opinion.  Their employers and enablers include well-connected cabal of now-entrenched, if not exactly concealed, old Marxists, behavioral experts, world-government advocates (anti-nationalists), statists and global financiers, both inside and outside the United States. Among them are a plethora of “do-good” foundations, associations, institutes and centers-for-this-and-that. Most troubling is the United Nations—because America can no longer extricate herself from its tentacles. The goal, or overarching Agenda, is a redistributive, regimented and regulated U.S. The end-game is passed off as altruistic, but places a dictatorial elite at the apex of local, national and world affairs.  The end-game is a U-turn from the nation’s founding ideals, especially values such as self-reliance, self-determination, and rugged individualism—which already are characterized as “antisocial” and “dangerous.” Only sporadic infighting among the elite occasionally results in ejection from the inner circle—and vaunted status.  Lip-service is paid to “popular consensus,” but even that is being slowly eroded via campaigns of grueling harassment, bankrupting fines, unapproved regulatory demands and career-ending marginalization. 

The book encompasses nine forums—Health Care, Budget, National Security, Criminal Justice, Education, Political Campaigns, “Green” Energy, and Family Values.  In each forum, specific strategies—“games” or mini-agendas—are replicated under the noses of focus groups and committees tasked with assuring and protecting community input individual prerogatives. These “agenda games” are carefully scripted so as to play out advantageously for the political elite—both legislatively and in the media.  But they are recognizable if one knows what to look for.

Regardless of political party, every contender for public office or political appointment is being held hostage to a set of pre-determined outcomes.  The author provides an insider’s view as to why millions of citizens are frustrated in their attempts to engage in significant dialogue with their elected representatives. Little-understood terms like “compelling state interest” and “immunity of public officials” are defined and exposed as ruses to protect the elite from a backlash—both in the court of justice and in the court of public opinion. Specialized concepts—especially those associated with finance (“The Budget Game”) and surveillance (“The National Security Game”)—are clarified to accommodate both the professional and lay reader.


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