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Sunday, March 6, 2011


So how is government treating you?

* Are you having problems with your city, county or state land use agencies?
* Is a state or federal agency putting pressure on you for something you did, or didn’t do?
* Is your state, county or city passing draconian land use or environmental laws?
* Are you suffering fines or penalties for land use or environmental code violations?
* Are you being threatened with eminent domain?
* Are your neighbors suffering the same fate?
If so, the 10-P's of "The NARLO Offense" offers solutions for your particular situation, without having to hire an expensive lawyer and go to court.
To learn more about the 10-P's of "The NARLO Offense" log onto our website page at:
Nationally recognized organization on freedom, liberty and property rights issues.
Washington State USA

A Thank you from Ron Ewart for posting on LAW USA blog.
Thanks very much Roni.
We keep trying to find ways to help rural landowners with problems that seem insurmountable when they are facing them all alone, as most landowners must do.
My sincere gratitude for you posting "The NARLO Offense" to your websites.
We are, as we speak, planning even more intiatives for the urban and rural landowner, as well as even for the poor city slob who takes for granted what the rural folk provide for them ..... you know, like food.
The city folk are up against Agenda 21, smart growth and sustainable development, but they haven't a clue that they are in danger from these programs.
Give my best to Chuck. Hope you are both well.
Thanks again and take care,


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