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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


1) Set up satellite offices to expedite the process of transitioning illegals into legal citizenship, with all the responsibilities and liabilities of being such. 2) Uphold and enforce existing laws. 3) Close and protect all U.S. borders from any illegal entry. The U.S. should NEVER engage in granting amnesty for the approximate 12 million (Mostly from Mexico) illegals residing here. Instead, the U.S. should give Illegal immigrants the opportunity to: a) Step forward and be identified without risk of arrest. Employers should assist them. b) Have a sponsor party such as their employer, consulate from their mother country, or a union that would agree to co-sign and thereon be held accountable for payment of services rendered – including medical and educational – for that person and person’s family. Cannot be a State or Federal Government agency. c) Learn conversational English within one year. d) File tax report and begin fulfilling tax obligations such as a payment plan for back taxes that may have accrued. e) Regardless of age, each illegal immigrant must show proof of application for Citizenship, and then get in line. f) Verify length of time in U.S. illegally. Anyone who cannot show proof of coming to America before June 2012 will be deported (forced to leave). Upon completion of requirements, each applicant would be issued a “Citizen Transition” card. A reasonable amount of time would be allowed to assure processing illegal immigrants, after which any person found without a Citizen Transition card would be deported (forced to leave). For illegal immigrants, education and learning how to do things lawfully, is the only real hope for a healthy future for them – and America. For this to fully work there must be participation expectation from their mother country until they become an American Citizen. Because the majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, the expectation from Mexico (as an example) would go as follows: For each illegal immigrant educated and provided medical care, the U.S. deserves compensation…whether barter for goods or real dollars. Mexico is short on money, but has an ample supply of oil. Therefore, the U.S. should barter an exchange of one (1) barrel of oil per each day an illegal receives education or medical. Provided by LAW USA


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