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Thursday, September 16, 2021



Dear Governor Polis,


As you're well aware, Colorado's Water is being grossly manipulated to generate unjust enrichment for some while significantly harming others, including Senior Water Rights Owners. 
You must take action now, to right the wrongs and stop the harm!
Here's how: D
emand state's water engineers administer water in Prior Appropriation, and withdraw Colorado from the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP).

The PRRIP is the gorilla in the middle of the room that's never mentioned in water meeting discussions. And it only gets about a sentence in the Colorado Water Plan.

Perhaps one of the reasons why? In 2005/2006 Lower end (Junior) of S. Platte River claimed, “upper end (Senior) took our water, caused depletions, now we don’t have any water.” Junior muscled in and denied Senior use of their property. This is known as “takings without just compensation;" aka stealing.

Senior Rights Owners were *wrongfully ordered to augment at 100% (unattainable) and make up for depletions going back to 1975.

This order to make up past depletions going back to 1975 begs the question: Where were the water engineers during that 30-year time span? If they were in charge of “administering” water rights owners’ property, shouldn’t they be held accountable for the so-claimed "past depletions?" 

Despite junior's "no water" claim, Governor Owens amazingly “found it" in 2005/2006. Enough  to commit to Nebraska.

How and where did Governor Owens suddenly find water Junior claimed didn’t exist?

Flow charts show S. Platte River historically dried up around Kersey, CO (depending on snowpack/precip).

Because of the wrongful shut down of Senior Water Rights, the whole upper end of the S. Platte has been overhydrated to such extent the new perennial instream flow is powerful enough to push - then lose thousands of acre feet water across the border to NE. 

The overhydrated high-water table is growing a new underground reservoir the size of which is known only to those developing it. Some speculate the reservoir could exceed the Ogallala. That info must be made public. Most of that water was stolen and should be returned to its rightful owners.

The PRRIP is NOT a compact! 

It's a five page agreement (with a withdrawal clause)  signed by Nebraska Governor Heinemann, Wyoming Governor Freudenthal, Colorado Governor Bill Owens and DOI Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. They bypassed state’s general assemblies.

PRRIP agreement is structured in ways that if CO can't make the Water delivery, it has to make the financial delivery.
PRRIP violates Colorado's Constitution because it commits state’s assets, “water,” and indebts (financial commitment) Coloradans without their vote.

If Owens had had any concerns for Colorado Water Rights Owners he wouldn't have gotten into the PRRIP; or at the least he would have structured it as forgiving as the 1923 NE/CO compact (based on 1897 flow rates/precip and snowpack).

We have reason to believe the PRRIP is the "carriage vessel" that moves this new instream flow to the Colorado/Nebraska border, where corrupt entities peel it off and sell it to power plants, cites and so on. 

The fact that CO does not have extra water is the main reason it needs to withdraw from PRRIP!

Administration of water according to “First in time, first in right,” must be done to correct the non-historically high-water table along the S. Platte River basin, stop property destruction, and return water to its Rightful Owners. 

Governor Jared Polis please:

1) Demand state’s water engineers administer water in “Prior Appropriation.”

2) Withdraw Colorado from PRRIP.

Thank you.

*wrongfully: Throughout the WAS case, Judge Roger Klein reminded everyone that "senior/vested/valid/pre-existing" Water Rights Owners were to be "exempt" from augmentation and the well shutdowns. Whoever executed WAS ignored Judge Klein!

Friday, September 3, 2021


Wars were/still are fought over property – Land and Water.

Since the beginning of man, there are those humans who lust to “control” all Land and Water.
Because Resource Industries need the lion’s share of Land and Water, to produce gas/timber/mineral/oil and Food, the attacks against Resource Providers have been ongoing for years!  

Today, the majority of our populace is so disconnected to Resource Providers they sincerely think “government” - not farmers, ranchers, roustabouts, fishermen and loggers - feed and fuel them.

Land and Water thieves have lied and indoctrinated good people into thinking Resource Providers are subsidized and greedy for using Land and Water. This makes it easier for the thieves to steal Land and Water.

China – with its New Silk Road (aka One Belt One Road) plan, is fast becoming one of the biggest entities on earth to seize control of "the earth!"
China knows that to “control the Water, you control the people.” And that is their goal.
One way Joe Biden’s facilitating China’s goal, is through “takings without just compensation” (aka THEFT) like his “30X30” plan, and COVID. He also shut down domestic resource production while supporting foreign production. 
Congresswoman Diana DeGette is constantly threatening “takings without just compensation” with her “designations” this and that. If she spent her time cleaning up her 1st C.D. (City and County of Denver) instead of trying to seize control of rural property, maybe Denver could return to being a clean, safe, family friendly city again.

Not only should rural people protect their property, urbanites need to too.  Particularly with the homeless and illegals invasion. Socialist mayors, representatives and governors are seizing control of rural property, so it wouldn’t surprise if they allow the homeless to squat on your urban lawn, then demand you forfeit it.

Four tools you can use to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY!


P Post No Trespassing signs with this exact language. It may not stop the thieves, but I guarantee they will slow them slow considerably.
No Trespassing   Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No immunity for criminal trespass by government parties.
Go to your local sign shop, give them this verbiage, pick out the size, material etc. then post one by every entrance to your property.

22) Keep a stack of Private Property Admittance Agreements  by your door and have each person who wants to access your property fill out and sign one. Private Property Admittance Agreement (

33) If the person is a government employee, they MUST fill out and sign a Public Servants Questionnaire.  THE PUBLIC SERVANT QUESTIONNAIRE (

4) If you get wind of any action (historic, wolves, piping plover, fish) that you have good faith belief will jeopardize your Property, get names! Get the names and addresses of each person who’s a signatory on said action and send each – as an “individual” (not the Corp) a “Demand to Remove Property References” letter.


“If Government could take your property, they would have done so years ago.” Dr. Angus McIntosh

Here's a starter list of ways government – with their NGO partners – is trying to STEAL your Property.
Conservation Easements, Endangered Species Act, Monument Designations, WOTUS, Wolves plantings, historic/most precious this and that, excess feral horses, float your river, sage grouse corridors, wind energy hubs, climate change, COVID, illegals invasion…
Federal does not own the water. They have to acquire it in ways equal to the way we have to do it. But they will bully you into thinking they do.
The Army Corps of Engineers do not have authority over any water in the U.S. that is not “Navigable” - as pertains to the Commerce Act. But they will bully you into thinking they do.

Use the right words: Anytime you hear someone use the wrong word, correct them! Using incorrect terminology makes it easier for the thieves to enlist the public as partners in theft!
Here’s some: 

There’s no public land in America. It’s FEDERAL (split-estate) land. There are Private Property Ownerships on Federal Land. 

There are no wild horses in America. There are though, “feral” (estrayed) horses.
There are Prairie Rats – no prairie dogs.
Claims that the earth is getting warmer and due to manmade actions are completely inaccurate!
The only ones denying that the Climate Changes (mainly due to the sun) are non-scientists like Al Gore. Every scientist on earth knows that the Climate Changes and has been doing so since the birth of the sun and climate.
Over 30,000 scientists’ findings differ from Al Gore’s “man makes global warming/climate change” claims. Instead of arbitrarily giving Al the power to control your life through his lies, you should demand he debate any one of the 30,000 scientists or shut up! He’s wrong. The scientists are right. He’s stealing. They’re not. Get it!!  
States West of the 100th Meridian are under Spanish – “first in time first in right law.”
States East of the 100th Meridian are under English -or “Riparian” law.

Remember the Doctrine of Retroactivity and Prospectivity. 

The most important words to look for are: 

Vested, Pre-existing, Valid, Senior.

Those rights have NEVER been extinguished!

If you’re called to testify, go to a meeting etc. DEMAND they provide a surveyed map identifying each property they’re talking about. Do not accept generalities!
What the thieves always do, is bring the public in on “real estate deals” having to do with property they don’t own.

Respective of Water, PLEASE find every paper (ranch ledger, abstract, shares) you can, that identifies your “exact beneficial use of water” claim!
If you “choose” to sell your shares, sell your Consumptive Use (CU) and delete any “dry up covenant,” language so you can retain and use the margin between CU and Allotment Quantity (AQ).   
If you choose to sell your AQ, then that’s the end of your use!

Hopefully this brief overview will remind you that you have “Vested, Valid, Pre-existing, Senior” rights that are backed in statute!

Don’t hesitate to demand they “show you the statute” they claim gives them the authority to bully you. Then make sure you ask them to fill out a Public Servants Questionnaire.

Find the Public Servants Questionnaire, Private Property Admittance Agreement and Demand to Remove Property References  at:


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