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Thursday, June 23, 2011


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Before Federal mandates any more monument, park, wild land, road less, wild and scenic, most precious, last great place, great and only jewel and so forth designations of U.S. land and water, it should be an absolute requirement that federal provide complete surveyed deeded documents of all properties it considers it owns; i.e. a full documented inventory!
A mostly ignored, although inseparable, is the destructive impact said mandates have on private property owners whose properties abut (and entities who have written usage agreements) land and water allegedly owned by Federal.
We strongly recommend our elected officials stop said mandates on "so-called public" lands, and demand Federal provide documented proof of its inventory.
Because Federal cannot maintain that which it claims to own, it needs to liquidate a great deal of it by giving "Conditional First Purchase Option" to those whose deeded property has abutted and been the primary source of taxable income for no less than 25 years.
What property does federal own?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A part of an address given at the Independent Cattlemen Of Wyoming (ICOW)

By Roni Bell Sylvester on June 20, 2011

Never forget. When you’re presenting something to someone, count on the fact that someone else is presenting them just the opposite. The recipient of these contraire presentations has to make a decision (choose) between you – and the other. If your case matters enough, you’ll want them to choose you.

1) Presentation is everything!
Have you ever wondered why there are so many bad actors on the big screen or TV? It’s because they are “professional auditioners.” They know how to present their product.
Same goes for campaigns. People usually buy the candidate who "auditions well."
2) Be a problem solver.
Think up some practical, workable solutions in advance of your meeting. Go in with the intent to help them solve a problem. Be firm, but not so rigid you snap.
Read as much on the subject as possible. See what others have presented. Boil it down to its simplest form, and then present a solution, in a new and creative way.
3) Watch your words.
Most likely the person you’ll be making your case to will be a bureaucrat. Picture them as a little guy or gal, with vulnerabilities, feelings and the ability to get scared…just like you.
Don’t threaten, bully, or try to quote law. They will shut down, dismiss you, fight you, or clomp onto something and use it against court of law…against you.
4) Remember the B’s: Breath, Body, Butt, Boobs.
Don’t let any of it stink or hang out!
Dress in a way that shows you respect yourself and the person you’re meeting. Check those little things, because 99.9% of the time, they will become the big things that kill your deal.
Remember, the recipient will choose you…or the other.
5) Mind your manners. Manners never go out of style.
Be polite before, during and after your meeting. Don't foget to write a Thank You when ever someone does something nice. Let them know they're appreciated.
6) Be alert to what’s going on around you.
Build and keep in mind a whole picture. Don’t be myopic and think only of your special area.
7)Choose “one area," then stay focused on that.
8)Know what it is you want to know.
Bill Jackson, long time ag reporter for the Greeley Tribune gave me this advice. It's worth repeating!
9)Identify and get to know your enemy.
Then work hard to maintain a united front with one another.
An affective ploy eco-terrorists and government use, is to stir neighbors into fight’n and feud’n by dangling money and puffed up agreements in front of them. When they’ve fractured and splintered the neighbors away from one another, they easily pick them off one by one.
10) Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
The only stupid question is one where you... “don’t know want you want to know." A gracious person will answer kindly. A slob won’t. How the person answers will be more telling about them…than you. And that, will be good information for you to have.
11) Rely on our Constitutions as your foundation, and truth, for everything.
Our U.S. and State Constitutions are written in plain speak. That’s how brilliant our forefathers were. They knew the grace of putting words together in ways everyone could understand…and apply. Don’t let anyone try to sell you on some deep philosophical psychobabble interpretation. They’re contorting it to serve their goal of self-enrichment.
Construct your presentation around upholding our Constitutions. Demand your governments follow Administrative Procedures. Expect them to terminate any activity that is un-Constitutional!
12) Have each person who sets foot on your property sign a Property Admittance Agreement.
You’ll find Sample Forms on: Look for one that most closely suits your particular situation, tailor, then use it.
Each person who asks to mull around on our property, hunters, wood gatherers, public servants, children, the help, higher education teachers, relatives, should be required to sign a “Property Admittance Agreement.”
Another form that’s useful is the “Public Servants Questionnaire.”
Ask, “Are you a government employee?” If they say yes, have them sign both the Private Property Admittance Agreement – and the Public Servants Questionnaire. Signing these agreements won’t stop those who intend to harm, but knowing their name is on a legal agreement will definitely slow them down.
13) Show me the law.
If someone shows up on your doorstep and starts barking orders at you, take Karen Budd-Falen’s tip and state firmly, “Show me the law.”
Stand your ground. Don’t take, agree to take, or sign anything right then. Make them show you the law, and leave materials for your review. Tell them you’ll consult with your lawyer and get back to them.
Don’t be a jerk and play games. Give them a definite date you’ll get back to them…then do it!
14) Never lose sight of how you factor into the equation.
A talent God gave me is - the ability to read people. I can read human body language the way Doc Beeman can read a horse.
Something really interesting emerged from one of the many times I was asked to sit and “read the players around the table.” Much to my surprise I discovered: Everyone around the table was so busy reading each other, that none – read themselves. That’s right. None “factored themselves into the equation.”
Example: One would act like a complete jerk, explode the whole deal…then walk away bitching about “those lousy bastards.” They never saw how it was their action - that aborted the deal.
Donald Trump is a master at “factoring himself in the equation.” While he’s studying the other players, he never loses sight…of himself. He’s a good model to study.
15) Call whatever by its correct name.
One of the reasons why Land And Water USA is fast becoming one of the most reliable resources on the World Wide Web is the fact we’re not afraid to call whatever by its correct name.
Examples: It’s not “wild” horse. It’s “feral” horse! They’re not prairie “dogs,” they’re prairie “rats!”
Know that political correctness is a necessary part of behavior modification, and don't play into that game!
Remember. You're a good person. You see very clearly, and recognize the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.
The political correctness police refuse to identify themselves, so to us – they’re phantom nothings!
Unlike eco-terrorists, the phantoms and low bred bureaucrats, we don’t engage in bad – or illegal behavior. We’re not rude. We’re just accurate. And that – scares the hell out of them!
16) Empower your local authorities to - “claim their authority.”
Federal must recognize local authority! That’s the law. Federal is required to notify counties the minute they think of an action. Help your County Commissioners put a coordination plan in place. Federal must recognize that authority. Use that authority to pull harmful actions targeted to a screeching halt!
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