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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Ranchers & Indians (and Wolves)
 By Jim Beers
Recently some “wolf” colleagues in various states received a request from a lady about the sordid activities of the California Fish and (wildlife) in rushing through the canonization of wolves in the California. Note that wildlife is printed in tiny letters because the California glitterati have just turned the former state agency that managed wildlife (i.e. GAME) for people into a sort of Vatican for animals that will manage the people for wildlife.
Evidently with all the national movement to release “non-violent” convicted felons from prisons, the radicals in California have moved to make more and more “animal CRIMES” (that is “to animals” not “by animals”) prison offenses for rural Californians (the poor ones that work for a living, not the rich ones that run the place).  What better critter to kick off things than wolves that have begun trickling into and dropping pups around the state.
Thus, like every other state from the Great Lakes to Seattle to Arizona to the Carolinas, state wildlife bureaucrats are more often than not ordained ministers and ministeresses of Gaia in the Temple of Wildlife Worship and according to their holy books they can lie and cheat non-believers whenever it will advance the “rights” of animals and diminish the so-called “rights” of humans.
The request we received from the above-mentioned lady concerned a Californian that made the following request to her on 13 February:
-       “I just heard about the proposed Wolf Program and the comment deadline is Monday 2/15. I reached out to lots of state and local recreation groups and none of them knew about it. Just got an email from CDFW and they admit they did not even contact the land management agencies like Forest Service and BLM or Counties, all of whom would be most affected.”
By the time the lady forwarded the request to a colleague in a neighboring state and he forwarded it to me an others, it was 15 February the deadline for comments.
The following is a note I sent to my colleagues.  As I whined about the difficulties of doing what we do, my response seemed to grab at my thoughts about the current state of affairs of ranchers, wolves, Indians and rural America in general.  For what they are worth, I hereby share them with you in hopes of some good resulting.
I note that (XXXX) sent this to us on the deadline date for comments and she had only received it two days earlier.
And we all bemoan how we can’t seem to work together and how our right hand doesn’t know what our left hand is doing.  Thus, the federal and state bureaucrats have their joint staff meetings and their teleconferencing and their routine banquets/meetings with all the radicals groups and politician’s staffs to plot and scheme and check out common job opportunities, retirement grants and the latest hors d’oeuvres provided by Rocky Mtn. Elk, NRA, DU, Defenders of Wildlife, HSUS, AWI, et al at the Chardonnay table.  Then there are all those classes and “Updates” on How To Conduct and Schedule Meetings and Hearings that they are “required to attend”. 
“Oh, it is getting so that a person does nothing but meetings, meetings, meetings.  My doctor tells me my cholesterol is getting high and I have symptoms of gout so I must take more sick leave and the doctor says I must only fly first class from now on.  If only everyone knew what we go through, ooohhh!”
And we, conversely, have never even met, get asked to make Solomonic comments and are expected to offer impossible fixes for something that has already taken place.  Then there are the animosities and resentments we naturally develop when we find we don’t completely agree with each other and that our solutions are not in sync.
It is as if it was 29 November of 1864 and we just received an appeal from the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho camped at Sand Creek asking what they can do about the Colorado militia composed of Civil War combat veterans approaching their village.  The next day, of the +/- 200 Indians there on 28 November… 130+/- mostly women and children were dead and the remainder had many wounded.  This is what is happening to rural America, one community at a time.  If you think this analogy is preposterous, I ask you to:
-          Note what the President and his appointees call ranchers like the Bundy’s, (i.e. “terrorists”) while himming and hawing about what to call Moslems bombing, shooting, stabbing, slashing and beheading Americans on American soil??
-          Note how these ranchers are prosecuted.  Is it not double jeopardy to retry someone already found innocent as a “terrorist” in a federal court known to treat such charges as first class dangers to the Nation?
-          Didn’t we all embrace heightened “Terrorist” charges and loss of civil liberties as a price we had to pay to prevent Moslem radicals from turning the US into Damascus or Benghazi or Helmand Province or Paris or Madrid etc.?  Did anyone say we would turn this tyrannical mayhem on ranchers protesting government crimes and oppressions?
-          Ask where is the outrage about government black SUV’s pulling up behind an SUV with men and women in it on a lonely Oregon highway in the snow and just staying in the cars for minutes and then when the stopped (??) vehicle speeds down the road to find others who might help or witness what was taking place – hits a roadblock and swirls off the road into the snow.  Then one man – ONE MAN – comes out with his hands up into a circle of three armed officers with guns levelled and is shot down and hit numerous times killing him??  There were then shots fired into the stuck vehicle with 2-4 vehicles full of officers surrounding them like the movie depiction of Bonnie and Clyde’s end.  Unlike the movie that showed the bloody results and the lawlessness of the ambush/killing of 2 known dangerous felons, who is confident that the autopsy (shades of recent wolf death cover-ups), gun found, and shots fired into a vehicle that did nothing to require it will be fairly considered in a fair (equal treatment/due process treatment like an Indian that recently killed a “protected” wolf and was then ignored, or the treatment of Police Departments by the Obama “Justice” Department when an urban black male is shot and killed as opposed a lone white male on a lonely and snow-covered Oregon highway) court of law?
Aside from the recent rancher/land ownership incidents in Nevada and Oregon; is not the government (BLM, USFWS, Forest Service, FBI, NPS, political/bureaucrat/enforcement state enablers in the West like Nevada and Oregon et al) taking away private property and eliminating rural communities (strangely except for the rich Northeast enclaves where unaffected and dense urban voters vote) just like what happened in the confrontation with Indians by European settlers?  The ONLY difference being that when the rural West and much of the rural Midwest, and South are cleared and given to (Wolves, Cougars, Grizzly Bears, Owls, Bats, Buffalo, etc.; Parks, Refuges, National Forests, Critical Habitats, UN Wetlands, Easements, Wilderness, Marine Sanctuaries, Reservations, Executive Order Closures, etc. and isolated army barracks as were common every 20 miles or so in Hungary when it was occupied by the Soviet Union) government crooks (see the USFWS leadership under Clinton and now under Obama) and their radical allies (Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, HSUS, Animal Welfare Institute et al) will be in charge and those “cleared” won’t even have Treaties to fall back on much less to take advantage of 150 years later as is happening in the Upper Midwest and the Upper Rockies as I write!
If you think this is hyperbole, you are mistaken.
Jim Beers
16 February 2016

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