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Friday, February 19, 2016


By Jim Beers

This article  -   - is a third of a series of which I have not read either #1 or #2.  It concerns the burgeoning knowledge of the political ascendancy of Indian/Native American Tribal hegemony involving lawsuits to extend current Indian/Native American jurisdiction over  land and activities around current reservations and authorities from water rights to wildlife.  Buried within the surface appearances going on here is the revelation that foreign (including hostile) governments and companies contracting with Indian/Native American “governments” (I italicized this because the question here is really, “Are Indian/Native American governments WITHIN and ANSWERABLE TO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT like Basques in Spain and Kurds in Turkey, or are they INDEPENDENT ENTITIES WITHIN THE U.S. much like Americans with dual citizenships and International Corporations whose allegiances are simply to themselves?”)
The rapid evolutions going on here have several disturbing aspects. But perhaps none is more frightening than the nuclear material and nuclear weapons activities.  While water rights and property rights’ seizures of large swaths of western states; and the “partnering” of tribes with radical environmentalist/animal rights radicals and the federal and state bureaucrats putting wolves, grizzly bears, buffalo, etc. everywhere; and the destruction of Minnesota hunting and fishing coupled with the subsequent Tribal purchase of large chunks of private property with casino revenues are each bad enough: the hidden agendas swirling about secret and independent dealings with hostile foreign entities involving nuclear weaponry stand alone.
I have no opinion one way or the other about this website, but the article is well worth the read.  However, I did not send you this because of the article –I SENT THIS TO YOU TO ASK YOU TO WATCH THIS SIX-MINUTE VIDEO
The man in the video is Mr. Lawrence Kogan, a lawyer I met years ago at a conference in Colorado hosted by Roni Sylvester in Greeley, Colorado.  He is a first-rate lawyer, a committed individual who I've corresponded and spoken with about matters over the years.  He and Mr. Robert Fanning of Pray, Montana are working hard to expose this Indian/Foreign entities connection and its impacts on water and other important American matters.  They are in need of financial support.
This SIX MINUTE VIDEO  is simply Mr. Kogan speaking extemporaneously after a meeting.  WHAT HE SAYS SHOULD BE HEARD BY EVERY RURAL AMERICAN.  Whether you live in a small town, ranch, hunt, cut timber, fish, own a dog or simply vaguely aware of what federal impositions (land purchase, easements, wolves, grizzlies, owls, woodpeckers, Wilderness, Marine Sanctuaries, law enforcement, etc., etc.) are doing to Rural America: Mr. Kogan’s very wise and useful comments and explanations should prove invaluable.  I
n my opinion, we can all learn a lot from these SIX MINUTES. I know I did.
Jim Beers
19 February 2016

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