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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

AGW. What a Crock!

Weather or not, it happens!

Following is a brief response from Dr. Patrick Frank, regarding the U.N.’s artsy fartsy brochure “Understanding Climate Change: A Beginner's Guide…”

 Understanding Climate Change: A Beginner's Guide…” Published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Climate Change

1)      Scientists see a real risk that the climate will change rapidly and dramatically over the coming decades and centuries. Can we handle it?

Dr. Patrick Frank, responding to our friend Debbie B.’s question about the U.N.’s artsy fartsy 1997 brochure “Understanding Climate Change: A Beginner's Guide…”’

One needn't go past “Problem number 1” to see problem number fatal.

Scientists *don’t* "see a real risk that the climate will change rapidly and dramatically” over any time frame.
They didn’t see that risk in 1997, and they don’t see it now.
The reason they don’t see a risk is that they can’t see anything about the future climate. Couldn’t see it then, and can’t see it now.
Climate physics isn’t developed enough. Climate models can’t predict anything.
None of those people know what they’re talking about (doesn’t stop them talking though).
When the premise is fatally wrong, no reason to read further.

Last year Energy and Environment published my paper showing the crock that’s AGW so-called science. It’s titled "Negligence, Non-Science, and Consensus Climatology”

This shows that climate modelers are not scientists:

This shows there’s no physical meaning in climate model projections:

Dr. Patrick Frank is a physical methods experimental chemist on the scientific staff of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, SLAC, Stanford University. Apart from professional work, his publications include critical assessments of the science is philosophy myth, the noble savage myth, and the human-caused global warming myth.

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