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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Written October 2011

OK. Been thinking about gross abuse by government employees all night.
Past two weeks, I've done nothing but help individuals directly harmed by deliberate actions by government employees. And now I'm listening to the crap Eric Holder dishes out coupled with Obama's venture capitalism forays...These individuals go on and on and on NEVER being held- as individuals - accountable.
BP cleaned up the spill and paid fines. When the private sector screws up, they PAY. When government screws up, they stick a gun in our back and demand WE PAY...MORE!!!
It's as though government employees KNOW they can walk into a bank, demand tellers - and customers empty their pockets, turn on the fire sprinklers and flood the place, yank extinguishers off the wall and lavishly spray them everywhere, riddle art work full of holes, arrest all bank employees under claims NOT of legal standing, cite the customers for patronizing the bank and having bubble gum on their shoes, leave crates of coyotes and determine the surrounding private yards good places to dump off a few thousand feral horses, set all the trees on fire, and seize all the children in the bank- declare them government property and launch into teaching them self masturbation, then shove wind turbines and solar panels through the windows, all in the name of "public good."
Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit angry?

Update: 4/19/17
Found out the Army Corps of Engineers allegedly has "millions" to spend on "water projects" in Colorado. And all property owners have to do to get a little bit of those dollars, is to "bank" their private property in Conservation Easements.
Now if anyone's interested in learning the facts about such, I could explain it fully; with back up from Dr. Angus McIntosh, Debbie Bacigalupi, Ramona Morrison and more.
Folks. This is the same damn formula being used to "seize" water - in particular- in states under Prior Appropriation.
The difference between 2011 and today? I'm no longer angry.
Neither my or any private property owner's anger makes a whit of difference to bureaucrats and NGO's who are either stupid, or complicit.
Plus. Since 2011, we had that little thing called the Friday the 13th of September 2013 flood, that pretty much interrupted our lives.
The challenge? Trying to help urbanites understand that our work is not exclusive only unto rural property owners. Sure, we're protecting our property today, so urbanites won't have to protect theirs tomorrow.
Everyday I hear about exotic trips people take, "learning the language, culture and customs of other countries." Never do I hear about a "trip into the country" where one learns the language, culture and customs of ranchers and farmers.
Presently, we have a General Assembly that's more concerned about giving "special rights" to illegal immigrants and vagrants, than "equal rights" to private property owners.
As I stated to a fellow farmer last night, "As far as the people I know personally in our General Assembly, there's two for sure who can't be bought off. And those who can't buy them off are making damn sure they make their lives a living hell. Nice eh?"

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