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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Charles Walter Sylvester Jr.
P.O. Box 155    La Salle, CO  80645     (970) 284-6874

Dear Colorado House Agriculture Committee, 
Rep. Jeni James Arndt, Chair and Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, Vice Chair, 

Regarding: HB 17-1234 Beef Country of Origin Retail Placard                     April 3, 2017

Please consider this testimony as my support of HB 17-1234, Beef Country of Origin Retail Placard.
Beef products should not be sold as a homogeneous product. Classification of beef as something that’s all in one the same is a huge disservice to Consumers!
There are some differences in cuts of meat: a) Location of the cut on the carcass. b) Breed of cattle the carcass results from. c) Age of animal d) Conditions of the animal – what it’s been fed, health care etc.  e) Delicious meat comes from younger, easy fleshing animals that have been fed well and with proper time withdrawal from such as necessary medicines and feed additives.
Though there are these many differences, the continuity lays in the fact that all beef provides nutrients essential to maintaining diet balance in humans.
Think of these differences this way: Automobile choices. There’s nothing wrong with say, economy cars like a Chevy, Ford or Kia. You can drive them to get you from point A to Z just fine.  
But, if you want a heavy, cushy, comfortable luxury car, which will also get you from point A to Z, you have that choice. You can spend more money and perhaps buy a Lincoln, Cadillac or whatever.
Point being, “You, the Consumer, have a choice.”
An explanation of lesser quality in recent times is the Volkswagen. The company paid millions in claims based on breakdowns etc. due to a “faulty part.” Because it had a label, trace back was easy.
Beef, like automobiles, needs to be sold “accurately identified.”
HB 17-1234 will give you the choice of buying imported beef that may have “faulty parts,” or safe, consistently tender and delicious Born and Raised in the U.S.A. beef!
Lastly,  on a personal note: For years, I’ve been surprised and disappointed to hear individuals who claim to represent cattlemen,  instead, block and testify against every consumer, property and water rights bill that would lawfully protect the valid existing rights of both Cattlemen and Consumers.
Eleven years ago, I developed this diagram of the U.S. Cattle Industry. Since then, I’ve waited for someone to get in my face and shout, “You’re WRONG!” That’s never happen. Therefore, I will stake the claim - - “Time has proven it to be accurate.”

I appreciate and thank Representative Kimmi Lewis and Senator Vicki Marble, for looking out for the Consumer by stepping forward with HB 17-1234.
Your vote YES will give Consumers a choice.                             

Thank you,

Charles W. Sylvester, Jr.  
Weld County, Colorado  
Retired General Manager National Western Stock Show

Co-Founder Good Neighbor Law and Land And Water USA

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