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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

ASK! First

ASK! First

Assess Source Knowledge First

A guide for elected officials and government agencies when presented with a bill proposal:

(1)    By what standard do you make your claim?

(2)    Is your appeal based on solid scientific evidence?

(3)    Is your appeal based on anti-science or using a veneer of science?

(4)    Who will be financially enriched from your appeal? Please identify.
(5)    Explain fully why you believe we should allocate taxpayer dollars to your cause.

(6)    Define your goals; short and long range.

(7)    Define how your claim will impact our rights to pursue our own values, wealth, family or anything meaningful to us?

The following is mandatory:

a)      Compensation fund available for any entity that may be harmed by your action.

b)      Full disclosure of your funding, budget and related corporations.

c)       Taxpayer reimbursement -should your claim be found frivolous.
b)    Provide authorship of all your data.

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