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Friday, January 15, 2016

FBI, Quit Posing! - by Ramona Morrison

FBI, Quit Posing!
By Ramona Morrison
The FBI should quit posing as militia in Burns, OR, 30 miles from the refuge, apparently to facilitate the BLM narrative of imminent danger to the public and to selectively investigate private citizens. If the FBI doesn't smell a rat in the BLM's conduct and the facts surrounding the Hammond case, maybe they should look into a new career.
The FBI instead should focus its resources to investigate the widely reported suspicious activities surrounding the BLM manager who is m...arried to the USFWS Wildlife Refuge manager, and their push to resentence the Hammonds. They need to investigate allegations of the BLM/USFWS engaging in a decades long conspiracy to force the Hammonds to sell their ranch. They need to investigate allegations of multiple fires being started by the BLM and USFS which have burned private property and federal lands. Including in the Hammond case. They need to investigate allegations of collusion and conspiracy between federal bureaucrats and environmental NGO's. And based on the reported very strange conduct of the Harney Co. Sheriff and Judge, perhaps the FBI should investigate them too.
The FBI should recognize that the civil disobedience occurring at the refuge is a symptom of a long standing and worsening problem of abuse of power by federal bureaucrats in the West.
I fully agree that ranchers and protestors need to follow the law. But so do federal bureaucrats and county officials. Those charged with upholding the law have an even greater moral obligation to be above reproach. Unfortunately for the last many years in the West they have more often than not been lawless tyrants.
Currently, the only lawful relief the private citizen has from federal abuse of power is to attempt to seek redress in the courts. The bureaucrats count on the fact that most ranchers will lose. For my family who has won a number of important rulings recognizing our property rights on federally administered lands, the government has attempted to destroy us with punitive administrative decisions and by suing us civilly and criminally in federal court attempting to derail our positive court rulings. Nearly 40 years later we are still standing by the hand of God. But to most westerners watching, our saga does not seem like justice. The government is banking on the fact few want to follow our path in the courts.
If tyranny is the objective of our federal government employees, they are succeeding. The western rancher just happens to be on the front line in the war of the West, since the USFS has successfully destroyed the western logger.
Apparently federal land management policy is not to harvest timber or utilize God's lawn mowers to graze the range. Instead, they chose to let the West burn, sometimes with the assistance of Molotov cocktails.
Ramona Hage Morrison

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