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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Thank you for submitting your comments or questions about the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act. October 1, 2011
Dear Senator Udall,

I don't care what designations or regulations you create, as long as you demand federal never:
a) Violate Private Property Rights
b) Usurp Colorado’s State Rights
c) Exercise police powers within Colorado
d) Ignore Administrative Procedures
e) Ignore Due Process
f) Subsidize any entity – whether government agency or not, that even as much as “thinks” about violating Private Property Rights, usurping Colorado’s state Rights, or exercising police powers within Colorado!
Senator, as volunteer editor of Land and Water USA, I receive confidential witnessing of: Government employees lying, showcasing voodoo tricks, making up regulations, breaking laws, and engaging in hands on activities that threaten our homeland security. These activities are escalating un-checked, regardless the destruction on innocents.
In other words Senator, un-deniable Constitutional violating activities by government employees are killing us. And because government is the one now fully engaged in said violations, harassment and attacks on us, it’s no longer able to “protect us.” Therefore, we have no one to report these activities to.
Rather than give “protected status” to rocks, trees, critters and seas, I urge you to give “protected status” to Private Property Owners.
Senator, if you were to remove all Private Property from any so-called wilderness area map, the map would shrink down to nothing. In order to execute such “designations,” please be aware that you will crush Private Property Rights; the very heart of our U.S. and State Constitutions.
And how can any of these so-called designations be of good-will, when they’re sure to be overrun by the lawless hoodlums who enact them?
Roni Bell Sylvester

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