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Monday, October 31, 2011


A discussion between LAW USA editor and Dennis Mitchell

OK. Been thinking about gross abuse by government employees.
Past two weeks, I've done nothing but help individuals directly harmed by deliberate actions by government employees.
Then there's the constant garbage Eric Holder dishes out coupled with Obama's venture capitalism forays...These individuals go on and on and on NEVER held- as individuals - accountable.
BP cleaned up the spill and paid fines. When the private sector screws up, they PAY. When government screws up, they stick a gun in our back and demand WE PAY...MORE!!!
It's as though government employees KNOW they can walk into a bank, demand tellers - and customers empty their pockets, turn on the fire sprinklers and flood the place, yank extinguishers off the wall and lavishly spray them everywhere, riddle art work full of holes, arrest all bank employees under claims NOT of legal standing, cite the customers for patronizing the bank and having bubble gum on their shoes, leave crates of coyotes and determine the surrounding private yards good places to dump off a few thousand feral horses, set all the trees on fire, and seize all the children in the bank- declare them government property and launch into teaching them self masturbation, then shove wind turbines and solar panels through all the windows, all in the name of "public good."
Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit angry? Roni
Yes… and we are all angry but it’s only a few that take action based on 3 issues: ethical, legal and durable….which is exactly what you and few others do. Most folks are overwhelmed and sit quietly in tortured hope that things will get better. Better does not occur by accident or omission. Like you, I try to see the bigger picture but over the years I have been far too slow to recognize both the problem and the solution. And the issue goes beyond regulatory government. I now see the same culture developing in universities, NGO’s and even private business where the mantra is the same.” I’m in charge of you and I don’t have to have a reason for what I do”. It is very similar to criminal gang mentality, which leads us back to people like Eric Holder and 40 other names you and I could reel off in 10 seconds flat. Cheaters do win often. We have a head of the Treasury that used a defense of ignorance to excuse his blatant tax fraud that not one of my tax accounting students in 25 years would have been so ill-informed as to even consider, yet this qualified him to become the boss of the IRS.
So, we all have to stay the course and become comfortable keeping the pressure on the bad guys in every way possible. I’d like to strike a major blow and claim victory but in reality it will take the long route of changing the culture to ever see sustainable progress. We all need to become modern day “ Churchills” and adopt his manner of defiance. I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else. In the first time in about 10 years, I finally see some progress in the right direction mainly because of efforts such as Land and Water USA …….never giving up.

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