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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The following response by Dr. Bob Carter  to the article 'France and Japan propose an IPCC for nature' is a terrific short summate re: AGW.

Noting the huge influence, nay stranglehold, that the IPCC has managed to

exert on development, the biologists have been quietly but determinedly
pursuing the set-up of a similar body for several if not many years.
Once again, the mainstream press will fail to investigate the Franco-Japanese proposal (not to mention its implications) in depth, and  if an "IPCC for Nature" should actually come to fruition then the current, already dangerous, situation will be compounded. Remembering that nearly  all western economies are currently being distorted by the AGW-power supply nonsense, another overlay of obstructionism that carries the imprimatur of the UN is likely to be the haystack that breaks the camel's back.

Bob Carter
France and Japan propose an 'IPCC for nature'
Delegates from 97 countries meet in South Korea to hear plans for an international body to monitor destruction of flora and fauna  'Human wellbeing is utterly dependent on the natural world' .
Biodiversity crisis - species loss could cost us the Earth.
World governments are meeting this week to try to set up a new international
body that would put the global destruction of the natural world on an  equal
footing with the threat of climate change.
The proposed new organisation would be modelled on the Intergovernmental
 Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), which was set up 22 years ago. Since then, it has launched global warming and climate change to the top  of  the political and economic agenda.
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