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Monday, June 7, 2010


This is not to scare anyone, just inform... jk
Following are updates on the AZ border - from people who LIVE there!

From Ed Ashurst who manages the Mallet Ranch next to Krentz' ranch.

Dear Friends,

People have been asking me since Rob Krentz's murder about the latest happenings here on the border. Things have been a little quieter here. although we have had several encounters with tired and bedraggled wetbbacks trying to go north. One was crippled and severely dehydrated, and the other was literally crying and begging for help. We fed and cared for them both.
Today I got a report from Kelly Kimbro, Warner Glenn's daughter. The Glenns are prominent ranchers in this area. Their ranch runs along the international boundary for 5 or 6 miles, 15 or so miles east of Douglas. They are also lion hunters of great renown. I helped them track Rob Krentz's murderer into Mexico the day after Rob was killed. They are very much involved in border issues and have a great relationship with law enforcement in the US and have many rancher friends south of the border.
Kelly told me that several days ago 2 border patrol agents encountered 8 heavily armed Federalise, several hundred yards north of the border fence. The Mexicans were armed with AK47 assault rifles and other sidearms. The US Border Patrol agents asked what they were doing and the Mexicans said that they were lost. The Mexicans then walked south into Mexico. The BP agents were told by their superiors that they should or could have arrested them. But wisely they chose to handle it a different way. Being they were out numbered 4 - 1 and heavily out-gunned, they no doubt did the right thing.
Matt McGoffin, another local rancher and full time customs agent, who has been very successful in catching dope smugglers, scouted this area the next day and found where these Mexicans had been prowling around over a larger area north of the border. He also tracked them to a cow camp a little south of the border and talked to the Mexican cowboy and his wife that live and work in this camp. These same eight men had beat the man almost to death. Their purpose was to intimidate and let him know they would be using the area as a base of operations. They were not Federalies, they were drug cartel employees dressed as police. This all happened in the Guadalupe Canyon area in the very corner of SE Arizona and just south of the border, 22 -23 miles south of our house.
Kelly Glenn Kimbro also told me the National Guard personnel being sent to this area will be office personnel assisting the BP in the Douglas office. They will not be deployed to the line to actually assist in apprehending illegals going north.
It is my belief that although footbackers going north looking for work could slow down for awhile (it has always ebbed and flowed being worse sometimes than others) the larger picture is getting increasingly uglier and there is a great deal more violence ahead. If you research and delve into it, there are many instances of the outlaws taking over the border area and causing much terror and harm to good Mexican people while elevating the scum who care nothing for law and order.
So anyway it's business as usual and anyone telling you different is a liar or uninformed! Ed
In addition to Ed's report, I heard from a very reliable source that a couple (husband and wife) from Rodeo, NM was sent to weld the fence, in this same area, by the subcontractor that's been hired to repair it. Some Mexican men (probably some of the guys referred to in this update), harassed the, spit on them, threatened them and used foul language (in the presence of the woman) in an effort to stop them from making the repairs. It's getting rough and tumble down here. Keep us in your prayers!!    jk
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 6:40 PM

I don't know if you've heard about the Border Patrol agents who caught the Mexican police illegally in the US (the author of this refers to them as "Federalise," he means Federales). This occurred last week, and has not received any media attention yet. He believes that they were not Federales, but drug cartel members dressed in law enforcement uniforms.   Bill

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