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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Please go to the web site below and endorse  the Restore Our Border (ROB) plan named for Rob Krentz who was murdered by an illegal alien on his own land. The Arizona Cattle Growers need lots of endorsements.
Thank you for your consideration.
I don't usually forward e-mails to my whole e-mail list, but we need some help here in Southwestern NM and Southeastern Arizona. The Arizona Cattle Growers has come up with a plan to secure the southern border. This plan was developed with the help of local ranchers and property owners living along the border and expanded to include all the states along the border.
Unfortunately our elected officials are not listening to the handful of voters that live along the border. Only the elected representatives and senators whose constituents are being directly impacted by the increasing drug and human smuggling are alarmed. The rest of the House of Representatives and Senate have been convinced by a handful of activists this is a racial issue. It's NOT!! All Arizona is trying to do is get rid of the criminal elements that have immigrated into our border states. Their law mirrors the federal law that is not being enforced!!
If you agree our borders should be secured, please sign on to this plan and forward this to others that agree. Please help us press our elected officials - nation-wide - to SECURE OUR BORDERS!!
Thank you
Sue Krentz is one of my best friends. I was at their ranch when Sheriff Devers came to tell the family how Rob died. Rob was killed about 10:30 in the a.m. He had a radio and tried to call Phil, his brother, but the transmission was broken. Those that heard it said all they could make out was, hurt... illegal... need back up.
I also talked to the ranchers that tracked the killer back to Mexico. The account this guys gives, never happened. Whoever wrote this doesn't have his facts right in alot of stuff. He calls Rob, Bob. Bob was Rob's father.... I used to try to correct some of the misinformation in red, but lost patience... the whole thing is pretty unfactual... not sure why this guy feels he has to write something that is so incorrect.
I do agree gangs are involved in this smuggling of both drugs and people into our area. It's become big business for some of these guys. They've had 8-10 years to come up with a business plan and develop their skills while our elected officials looked the other way. I've had my own encounter with a gang member that showed up at my ranch right before Christmas last year... but to write something like this did isn't going to help. In fact it's going to hurt, when you make up stories like this, people figure you're lying about everything....
We've had meeting after meeting with border patrol, local law enforcement and our elected officials, both in Arizona and New Mexico, to little avail. People along the border feel we're just not a large enough voting block to get the attention in Washington DC. It's just a hair frustrating....
Then it seems the other side is getting the Arizona law trashed with the help of our mainstream media... they want everyone to think it's a racial issue. While all we want is for law enforcement to be able to check an offenders immigration status and deport or lock up all the riff raff that has come into our nation over the last 8-10 years. What would help the most is for our federal government to do their job and SECURE THE BORDER!! Any ideas on how we can do that??

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  1. Most people have no idea of the real motivation behind the attacks on Arizona and support of illegal (or legal) immigration from Mexico and, ultimately, from Central America also.

    A map and plan was layed out in 1941-42 to consolidate the world into regional superstates. One such was the United States of America to include all of North America. NAFTA was the first step to consolidating Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. CAFTA was the next to add Central America. You can find the map and plan in the New World Order - Death of America post at:

    To prepare the U.S. for such a merger, a program has been operational since the 1920's to eliminate our States and local governments and make them conquered provinces of the Washingtonian Empire.

    Find that in the Regionalism - Death of the American System post in the lostliberty blog.

    I hope to write a blog post this weekend on Arizona. I'll include the "Restore Our Border..." form link.

    The above were the first two posts in the blog. You can reach them through the archive or, maybe easier, through the Table of Contents I developed.