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Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Dr. Soon,
Here is the link to my article, which just went live a few minutes ago on   Kirk
below please find one silly reaction ...
i notice this phd syndey is in water business and is in your area ...
so be beware ... your water is being cared by such a knowledgeable nonsense ...D.S.
Willie Soon gets a lot of attention because he has a PhD and because he sometimes uses unprofessional language in his talks and papers. He is not a climate scientist (see below). He cites a lot of publications, but only two of them are in peer reviewed journals. Almost everything else is from papers given to industry groups or the associations he represents. Nothing peer reviewed published since 2003. Since then, consensus regarding global warming in the scientific community has solidified even more.
Willie Soon is a spokesperson for Western Fuels Association - a group that lobbies for the coal industry - and for the George C. Marshall Institute - a conservative think tank that receives funding from Exxon and American Standard Companies.
Looks to me like this guy is promoting a particular agenda, not for scientific reasons, but for profit.
Best,    Sidney
In visiting with the George C. Marshall Institute, Mark Herlong (Program Director) commented (from my brief info) that it sounded as though Ms. Innerebner's info was "outdated," and - that although Dr. Soon had spoken at the Institute and had reviewed some papers for them, he did so in a "volunteer" capacity. He neither asked for or received compensation...ever!
Dr. Soon has likewise "gifted" his time and talents in speaking at 2 Good Neighbor Forums.
We find Dr. Soon grounded in facts and truths, and are contraire to those who stake frivolous claims/lies about him.
Thank you for any light Western Fuels Association can shed on the following comments by Sidney Innerebner.   Roni
Dear Roni,
After speaking with our President, I have to correct myself: Dr. Soon did receive a stipend from the Marshall Institute when he was Senior Scientist, but not for the Roundtables in which he participated. He resigned as Senior Scientist around 2004.   Regards,    Mark Herlong     Program Director George C. Marshall
hi roni,
our detective friend and super-engineer and cantelope farmers, - - - - - - - - -
found out that my sydney just copied the info from DeSmog Page---these are sick enviros that are half stupid---which makes them ever more dangerous   see under Willie Soon and Global Warming no sense of contacting western fuel association folks ... so old story that we should not waste time with ... D.S.
Regardless her "copying - or source" she needs to be held accountable...for it ultimately came out of her mouth...pretending she invented it.
Western Fuels should hold her booties to the fire...and rightfully so!  Roni
sure bet this sydney learned her lesson ... she needs real serious spanking from mama roni  -it is simply irresponsible to accuse someone like this ...
thanks roni     D.S.
Dear Roni,
Well said. Willie gets a lot of this. He is under attack a lot. The usual tactic is to go after him and not what he says, which is the tactic used on all of us. There are any number of places on the web that attempt to smear him as a stooge of the oil companies by making various superficial connections. And if controversy was a basis for disqualifying people, surely Michael Mann should be out even for Green Dragon supporters.
Regards,  C.E.
Dear Roni,
Western Fuels was a small coal cooperative (I don't know if it still exists) that was formed during the Carter years to supply public utilities in the upper midwest. Since they had no customers to pass their expenses onto, they were willing to oppose the greenhouse concerns in the early 90's.
Not familiar w/ that blog, but not surprised. Consulting engineers often like to see more regs because it creates more biz opportunities whether the regs are really needed or not. If you ever looked at the science in developing water and wastewater regs that can be found at 40CFR, you would be amazed at the ridiculousness of some regs. The basis for lowering the drinking water turbidity level from .5 NTU to .3 NTU was that on average 1 person in 5555 people in America came down w/ Rocky Mtn. quickstep annually over a 16 yr. period. The concern was giardia and cryptosporidium both of which the regs said you generally can't tell whether the diarrhea was caused by g. or c. This rule change resulted in 10's of millions of $ being spent to upgrade plants to meet the new standard. More rules came out in recent yrs., unnecessary in my opinion, forcing more capital expenditures for very little improvement in drinking water quality.
I'm sure you're well aware of who pays for all this.
It's all about control and crushing the middle class.  K.K.
K.K.  this is interesting. May I do a combo post on a blog?  Roni
Yes, you can, but beware some of the numbers below are based on approximations and not stated in the regs. For example, 11,000 (reported in the regs) were allegedly affected by giardia and crypto over a 16 yr. period, 1980 to 1996. I estimated the USA population at the time to be 250M people. Doing the math, you will see that 1 person for every 22,727 people came down w/ giardia or crypto over a 16 yr. period. For some reason or other I thought it was 5556, but I just checked my math and it is even worse at 1/22,727. Furthermore, out of the 11,000 reported cases, 8000 cases were due to mass outbreaks in Milwaukee and Penn. One of my peers about a dozen yrs. ago said those 2 outbreaks were due to operator error at water plants. If that is true, then you can see in reality only 3000 alleged cases of giardia and crypto occurred over 16 yrs., further lessening the ratio of outbreaks of g. and c.
I get really perturbed about this control by our govt. Now, Boxer last yr. said we need to look at heavy metal concentrations in sludge for when it is land applied. This has been discussed 30+ yrs. ago. The metals limits, copper, manganese, magnesium, trivalent chromium, etc. are now so far below their threshold toxicity levels, there's no way we're going to poison crops and people. Besides these are important micronutrients for crops. When I was in charge of Toledo's land application program, our sludge contractor had Dr. Terry Logan of OSU do a metals uptake analysis in corn. Guess what? Some of the metals make it into the stems and leaves, but essentially not into the kernel. Don't quote me on this as I can't remember the amount of certain metals concentration in corn kernels, but were far less than 1% of what was applied. Seems to me it may have been a millionth, but once again, I don't remember the exact concentrations. Do we really need to spend millions on research again and develop useless regs which will make it more difficult and expensive for municipalities to dispose of a fairly valuable waste product?
I say it's about control and making us slaves to the system.  K.K.

by Paul Driessen
Kerry, Lieberman and other congressional climate alarmists have some ‘splaining to do'
The new Kerry-Lieberman climate bill mandates a 17% reduction in US carbon dioxide emissions by 2020. It first targets power plants that provide reliable, affordable electricity for American homes, schools, hospitals, offices and factories. Six years later, it further hobbles the manufacturing sector itself..
Couldn't agree more. I want so badly (is that correct English?) to get  before the senate/house and simply state:
"As nothing more than a homemaker,  I find your ways to extract money from me to be quite disingenous.
Since your end game is to take my land, water, paycheck, freedoms, please simply state so, and quite using the weather as your shield."
Something like that. Roni
The time has come to begin calling out the actual individuals, cloaked behind the guise of "the company ", the union, the lobbyist, the scientist, the politician, etc., who are pushing Congress to pass the "Cap and Tax Scam." It is time to expose the greedy global titans and the powerful political players who are the real money forces pulling the Climate Gate strings of the dancing US governmental marionettes. The ones that can buy the scientific outcome of their choice.
It is time to name actual Names. Time to expose the real individuals hiding behind the talking heads such as 'ol Al, Obama, Lieberman and their ilk. Time to reveal that these "Emperors Have No Clothes."
Art for the World


  1. Hey, the head of the IPCC is a railroad engineer, and he has a great financial interest in the climate scare. I’ll take one Willie Soon over any ten Pacahuris.

  2. the sort of wheeling and dealing without principles and without any sense of science is tragic to the epic disproportion ...
    just to get through 2020 for the convenience huh ...
    this is really sad and most difficult fight of all these struggles as the real ground troopers
    ... we sweat and fight with all our mights and make little difference for the unworthy decision makers ...D.S.