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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Trump Accuses Obama of Wire Tap
By Michael McCune 
In the United States election campaign that just won't die, President Donald Trump fired a broadside at past President Barack Obama March 4, 2017 at 0435 Washington time.
Anyone who has followed the Rant knows I have no use for Barack Hussein Obama. Never did, never will. The past President encouraged his loyalists in the bureaucracy to commit unlawful acts on a daily basis--Lois Lerner of the Internal Revenue Service is the poster child for this lawlessness--even if there was no direct-link smoking gun to show the Obama's Administration instigated the deceptive fraud against conservative-based groups seeking tax exempt status.
In his early-Saturday tweet charge, an irate Trump accuses Obama of wire-tapping his hotel, Trump Towers, in a fashion that would make Richard Nixon's invasion of Democrat headquarters in Watergate seem trivial. It seems the past Commander-in-Chief finally got the Donald's goat and methinks the hand-to-hand fighting is about to bust loose.
But look into the known 'facts' a bit and you find there has to be a chain of bureaucratic insiders who knew the score but went ahead anyway and committed treason after treason.
Obama's "investigators" originally went to the FISA court to obtain the warrant. When denied, they went to the NSA--yeah, old baldy, fore-head rubbing "I can't remember anything under oath" chief spy Clapper's group, and back-doored the wire tap process by having them go to FISA. Then, following the flurry of Executive ordered changes just prior to his leaving the White House, Obama paved the way for his minions to release this classified information without fear of legal proceedings.
Now political controversies are nothing new and have been growing at an alarming rate over the past four decades. But the Obama Administration, aided and abetted by a compliant media, took the internal war to new levels. Trump, as a non-politician, is understandably upset over being exposed to a new, much darker side, of our political government.
But what has this observer most concerned is the "civility" one usually expects from a losing side in an election has been conspicuously AWOL in this one.
Meetings with foreign dignitaries and representatives happen all the time, particularly among our official representatives and military people stationed abroad. I do not think anyone expects you to remember every individual's name, rank and other details. (As an auditor I met many CEOs, their legal reps and hundreds of employees, I probably can't put three names and the businesses they were associated with together now.)
As far back as I can remember there were concerns about Russian interests in our elections. Those born after 1976 probably have no recollection of a world in which the Berlin Wall was a major point of contention or in which the Iron Curtain played a daily role in millions of lives. Those born after 1960 in America probably have no recollection of school drills where you had to duck under your desk to simulate an air raid warning. The world changes. but Russian animosity for America has not waned.
In fact BHO's world apology tour where he publicly bowed to every two-bit leader in the world probably did more to bring back Russian interest in American affairs as anything. And the weakness of Obama's "red line in the sand in Syria" cemented the disdain for American leadership so they probably thought the time was ripe to try and exploit this election.
All the foreign interaction is mundane when placed against the backdrop of the on-going dispute.
This political war, more than anything since Abraham Lincoln's ascension to the Oval Office, threatens the fabric of America. The fabric is extremely worn and not nearly as strong as it was 156 years ago.
Even if the trail cannot be traced directly back to Obama, even if it is proven that Trump's campaign was in direct contact with the Russians, the strain on the fabric will be increased. Based on a biased free press, the ability to discern the truth by those on the outside looking in will be hampered more than ever before.
Obama and his minions have failed to take into account fully the depth of Donald Trump. He is not a mealy-mouthed politician but a hard-nosed, win-at-all-costs businessman. His training and background are outside Washington's knife-in-the-back-while-shaking hands ethics. To go to the length of publicly accusing the other side of a wire tap means Trump has plenty of fact to go on. The only thing this does is derail his 100-day plan by focusing energy elsewhere.
But in a head-to-head, no-holds-barred fight, figure Trump will best Obama who always hires his hit-men and never stood in the direct line of fire. This is a fight Obama has never had to wage before. He can't hide behind a community organizer's cloak. He has been called out directly by a person who has shown a propensity for action.
If Obama or the Democrat Party thought they had a bead on their main antagonist, they are now uncomfortably aware the target has no qualms about putting a bulls-eye on them either. All this war needs is for someone to sneeze at the wrong time.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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