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Friday, February 10, 2017

WANTED - Cost of Bureaucrat Control

An economist/mathematician/accountant - who will voluntarily gather and provide us what it "costs to do business with government(s)" - aka "Bureaucrat Control."
Bureaucrat Control costs accrued to private parties first, include: 
1) Down time costs accrued when called away from work to attend government hearings/meetings etc. Costs would include hiring someone to finish calving, haying, whatever; meals; fuel; possibly motel and photo copies. 
2) Re-do business practices to accommodate an alleged threatened species.
3) Construction, earth moving, tree planting, delayed or stop construction to accommodate an alleged threatened specie.
4) Addressing threats by government employees; would include attorney/accountant etc. fees.
5) Housing excess feral horses.
6) Cut in A.U.M's.
7) Additional paper work (includes employee and your time) due to attempts to comply with regulations.
You get the gist.
Then we need the cost to a county and state government's in trying to wade through unconstitutional regulations - such as and including EPA. Example: Presently, to protect Colorado from the very rogue EPA, our Attorney General has had to file suits. At what cost?
Or - if there are existing records on the cost of Bureaucrat Control, we'd be grateful for them! 

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