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Friday, October 21, 2016


Know Your Rights!
Don't let ANYONE bully you!
Protect your property in 3 easy steps!
1) Insist each person who wants access to your property fill out and sign a Private Property Admittance Agreement. Property Admittance Agreement.
2) Ask, "Are you a government employee?" If they answer "Yes," they must fill out and sign a Public Servants Questionnaire.
3) If you suspect someone is using your property without your permission, send them a Demand Notice To Remove Property References. Places you might see references to your property include: Maps with conservation easements and land trusts, corridors for sage grouse-wildland-scenic byway-wolves-bighorn sheep-buffalo-monument-highway-drug running-feral horses-illegal immigrants-drones-historical trail and more. Look for materials that claim to co-manage, or have a vision for your property. Find addresses for "individuals" behind the materials, then send (notarized and certified) each - as an individual - a Demand to Remove Property References. (see below)
Tips: When someone comes on your property, get the vehicle license plate number and photograph each individual (as best as possible for identification), including Federal Agents! This makes any trespassing case stronger as to who was there and who was riding with the Federal Agency representative whether they are additional agency representatives or from a Non-Government Organization (NGO), including The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Center for Biological Diversity, interested public, Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Ducks Unlimited or any land trust, etc.
Try to record everything they say and do in video and audio format. DO NOT TURN ANYTHING OFF NOT EVEN IF THEY "ORDER" OR "DEMAND" IT GETS SHUT OFF! If they attempt forcible action to remove your camera, it becomes not only a First Amendment Right violation, it turns rapidly into an assault and battery case!

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