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Thursday, August 5, 2010


By Monckton of Brenchley

Weather or not, it happens!
THE multiple official enquiries into Climategate are significant because their conclusions are insignificant.
The enquiries very, very carefully avoided looking at the actual science being discussed in the thousand emails released by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia last November. Instead, they reached for the whitewash-bucket. All of them did this. Not one did its job properly or independently.
Why this failure to investigate even the most blatant incitement to destroy scientific material in emails from "Professor" Jones to fellow-"scientists"? Why the failure to investigate the "trick" by which Jones had sought to conceal the growing discrepancy between rising real-world temperatures as measured by thermometers and the falling temperatures shown by the tree-ring records that he was trying to pretend were reliable enough to tell us there was no medieval warm period?
Why the failure to investigate why various of the Climategate emailers - a poisonous, malevolent crew from the beastly tone of so many of the emails - had spent a year bullying and cajoling editors of learned journals to delay publication of a result they found uncongenial, so that they could cobble together an attempted refutation to be published at the same time as the paper they disagreed with?
Scientific dishonesty on this scale is not routine, even in the corrupted academe of today. But it was not investigated. The people who ran the enquiries knew what was expected of them. Their job was to look the other way. And why? Because almost the entire governing class of the world has foolishly signed up to the climate-extremist results of the UN's climate panel, and governments never, ever admit they are wrong.
The classe politique has all the advantages of position, status, wealth (ours), and access to an increasingly spineless and fawning mainstream news media. And it knows how to grandstand. Every year, there is a major climate conference - last December at Copenhagen (where the stage-management went horribly wrong), and this December at Cancun, where the theater directors will be taking very good care that nothing shall go wrong at all.
The kow-towing media will be there in all their feeble strength. But the people will no longer be fooled.
The draft Treaty of Cancun - world government lite, in the words of one commentator - is already in draft, and has been studied by officials and world leaders at a still-incomplete series of meetings in Bonn, Germany. The Chinese, who rightly have no intention whatsoever of putting their economic growth at risk by making any serious cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, have offered to hold an additional meeting in Tientsin before December's Cancun session, just to make sure that "the process", as the UN's bureaucrats call it, will not be derailed by the lackadaisical lifestyle of Mexico's maƱana republic.
What will Cancun mean? Higher taxes. More regulation. Less freedom. No democracy. The New World Order is upon us, in the name of solving the non-problem of man-made "global warming". Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were fun, while they lasted.


  1. Great concise article, hit all the essentials. Thanks, JD.


  2. JD,
    You're right on target!
    Carbon Tax IS theft!
    Thank you,