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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Original letter by Victor Viola:

Cherry-picking data on climate change

Fri Feb 26, 2010
Re: "Who doesn't trust science now?" Feb. 17 David Harsanyi column. Deniers of global warming and climate change frequently argue that the Earth has cooled over the past decade. This conclu... more...
Roni's Response:

Dear Denver Post,
As volunteer editor for Land And Water USA, I've had rare opportunity to peek into the inner workings of proponents (world-wide) of both pro-anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and nature makes climate change.
The shake out? AGW believers base their arguments on emotion and political science mixed with a heavy dose of faith.
Though I've tried mightily, they refuse to publicly defend their product.
They don't have to; they have Al Gore. He's convinced governments to mandate our purchase of it...sight unseen.
Though nothing but a farm girl homemaker, I'm beginning to think I'm a hell of a lot smarter than any government.
Why? Because I ask salesman questions like: What are its benefits? Will anyone be harmed by your product? Who test marketed it? Provide the results. How does it work? User friendly? Safe? Will its cost save time, money and grief (I.e. pay for itself?)? If so, over what time frame? Does it come with a warranty? Do you receive financing from any government (Includes monies from government financed non-profits.), or are you an independent producer?
Scientists whose findings illustrate climate change is nature made, openly share them, and continually request public discussion/debate.
Denver has a local opportunity for those such as Professor Vic Viola - "Cherry-picking data on climate change" - (DP 2/26/10) who claims, "global warming and climate change due to human activity is real and poses a serious threat to the future of our planet," to come debate Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon, Delaware's chief Climatologist Dr. David Legates and retired physics Professor Dr. Howard Hayden; April 17th, 2010 at Casselman's Bar and Grill.
AGW believers are encouraged and welcome to come defend their product.
For details, go to click on Good Neighbor Forum.
Victor's response to Roni:

----- Original Message -----
From: Viola Jr, Victor E.
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 1:33 PM
Subject: Cherry-picking data on climate change

Thank you for your response. You may want to see the December 18 issue of Science magazine, a publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as the two appended graphs. These are the undisputed data -- the only dispute is how to interpret them.
For the record, I am a nuclear scientist whose areas of expertise are nuclear astrophysics, nuclear fission and nuclear reaction mechanisms. I have never received any federal or state funding for climate-related research in my 50+ yearsas a scientist. However, I have followed this field closely for the past 40 years and am convinced the data I quoted have been carefully vetted. The first 22 years of my life were spent in Central Kansas, where we were taught to respect our environment and take a positive, conservative approach to solving problems.
Vic Viola
Roni's response to Victor
Dear Victor,
Thank you for responding so quickly.
Sure hope we see a practical resurgence of nuclear. Don't need to tell you how safe and economical it is.
BTW, do you know nuclear engineer Bob Wicina?
I agree with you regards "respect" our environment.
But no government - whether US or foreign - should ever mandate purchase of un-proven goods created by Mr. Gore - or anyone for that matter.
Where do I come from? Well, having observed those whose end game is to seize control of America's land and water, it's now easy to identify them. And believe me, they care more about self enrichment than the environment.
People quibble into paralysis over how to correctly name them...socialists, communists, Marxists, fascists, eco-activists...while I see them more simply as anti-America.
Come to the forum and visit with Dr. Soon, Dr. Legates or Dr. Hayden. I'm sure they would welcome robust discussions, that could result in government free solutions.
Thanks again Victor. Appreciate your attention.
cc: Dr.'s Soon, Legates, Hayden, and Denver Post
Dr. Soon's response to Roni and Victor
hi roni,

thanks for being kind and gentle with this poor victor ...
what is he exactly saying with the two graphs and the Science magazine article?
that they prove his point about the danger of rising atmospheric co2?
if so, then i would suggest that he best keep such note in his personal diary and never to be displayed in public like that ... it is embarassing and almost sad to see his "softy" reactions ...
wow, never been paid to study global warming and then want to impose his world view and personal belief and conviction on co2 on everyone else? 
if professor viola really has something to say, please do come to the forum and have a discussion with all of us ... let's see if the two graphs or however many papers from the corrupted AAAS science magazine  stand for anything scientific ... those publications are true embarassment to the word science ...
sorry professor viola, your answer is simply not good enough nor it has any serious substance ...


  1. I kinda stumbled upon your blog via an article by Hardy Wright in AllVoices. I notice a very serious mistake you made. You think you are a lot smarter than the governments. Belief that politicians and bureaucrats are stupid is one of the things that keep people from realizing that what they are doing to us is very carefully planned and executed. We call them stupid and they cry all the way to the bank.


  2. Rick,
    Claiming they're stupid was meant as a contrast to my lack of education - not to real stupidity.
    I agree with you...they're very sharp and that's why they don't answer questions or debate.
    Appreciate your comments...and - yes, "what they are doing to is is very carefully planned."
    Any of Ron Arnold's book would give you some solid research materials.